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Today’s world can be characterized by perhaps three main things. Those would be the internet, smart gadgets, and globalization. With the world being connected so closely, it sometimes seems that an international company, with products that we could only have dreamed to buy in our childhood. With a multilingual website, we are closer to these products more now than ever.

In order to go international and attract someone’s attention, businesses no longer need to physically move to another country, spend tons of resources and effort, or appear on every advertisement banner. Essentially, all you have to do is to launch a website in your target country and make sure it is readable to your audiences.

A Multilingual Website Can Boost Your Website Traffic

The world wide web could not connect the whole world, yet, managed to connect most of it. As of today, about 59% of the world’s population can access the internet on a daily basis. That’s a huge audience for any business to target.

A Multilingual Website Can Boost Your Website Traffic

Yet, this audience is largely divided by language and local cultures. Maintaining an international website is always a great thing because you can accumulate website traffic and become more popular around the world without spending much or even selling much.

To specify what all that means, here are the 10 ways the multilingual website can increase your popularity in the international arena.

  • More Visits, More Traffic: And the more traffic, the higher you get on the search engine results page. Traffic is not just an abstract thing you want to increase. It directly influences how easily you can be found in an endless beneficial loop. Having a website translated to multiple languages not only increases your online market reach and presence but also makes that more likely to happen.
  • Increased Market Presence: With your SEO being vastly improved, you will be found not only when somebody looks for something you have to offer, but also whenever your competitors are searched. That’s right, whenever a user searches for your competitor in a certain country, with stronger SEO, your website might still get a higher position in search results.
  • Stronger Market Penetration: Whenever you offer something new to the local market you target, you are likely to do that more successfully with a multilingual website, because the potential customers in your area will understand what your product is about and why they might need it.
  • Competitiveness Strengthened: While some of your competitors might only start thinking about translating their website, you should be ready for action: If you get on the international arena first, you have many more chances to stay there for as long as you see fit, without your competitors bothering you much. That’s because when you get there first, you have more chances to build trust prior to your competitors and win loyal customers.
  • Language And Cultural Barriers Overcame: While the customers will more likely buy from the website they can understand, they will even more likely buy from the website they can relate to. If you localize your website properly, which is the part of the multilingual expansion, you will certainly have bigger sales as people will perceive your company as something natural and as a part of their daily lives.
  • Improved Trust: Being found on the internet is one great thing. Yet, being trusted online is a totally different kind of story. It’s not enough to simply create a great and searchable website, you have to make sure your customers understand it. A study has shown that more than 55% of people would prefer to get information about the product they understand over the price.
  • Brand Recognition: Whenever you go international, you do not simply translate your website, but rather localize it to adapt to the cultural specific of your region. This in turn allows you to create a unique brand image that will be instantly recognized in that country. In the global arena, however, you will be known as the business that learns its customers well and manages to adjust.
  • Increased Conversion Rate: Indeed, a translated or localized website is more likely to motivate your potential customers to buy your products or use your service. On average, more than 70% of customers would buy more confidently from the website in their native language.
  • Customers Are More Satisfied: Even though they trust your service initially, they might change their minds upon the first negative experience. Yet, that might not be your fault. With an international website and customer support team coming with it, you will be able to get more detailed feedback, work on all possible flaws more effectively, and increase customer satisfaction.
  • Cost-Effectiveness: With all that being said, a multilingual website can increase your online presence and overall efficiency at a relatively low cost. Upon doing some research, you will find that even the best translation agencies do not charge too much for website localization. Remember that proper localization can bring a serious return, so spending a little on it a worthy investment.

Audience is largely divided by language and local cultures.

To Sum Up

Having your website internationalized may create some heavy traffic on your website indeed. And heavy traffic is always a good thing on the internet as its benefits are limitless. Aside from attracting the attention of customers and search engine algorithms, the website translated in multiple languages also keeps your success afloat. Your business is seen as more trustworthy and becomes closer to your customers’ hearts, simply because you make it so.

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