Style Careers – Website Development

Unknown to most people, St. Louis is home to the fashion industry’s largest jobs placement and portfolio company, Style Careers.

Task – Website Development

We began working with the Style Careers team to develop a new version of the Style Portfolios website. This project was a very large undertaking. With over 5,000 active portfolios, we were designing and developing alongside a very active user group. Our designers worked with the Style Careers team to create a new vision and layout for the site that focused on industry news, trends, jobs and career advice intertwined with designer portfolios. This helped to make the site a continued resource for not only recruiters but also gave a place for the designers other than just their portfolio.

The website was built using WordPress and consisted of a custom-built portfolios system and user sign-up process. Once the user creates their account, they have the ability to customize their profile and add lookbooks to feature their work. Once development of the site was complete it was time to migrate the existing user base to the new site. In addition to mapping the 5,000+ profiles, our team also migrated over 30,000 images.

The process was incredibly smooth and users were updating their profiles immediately to take advantage of the many new features implemented. There is plenty more to come as we continue to work with Style Careers to develop and rollout new features to the Style Portfolio users.