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Silgan Plastic Food Containers is part of Silgan Holdings, one of the largest food packaging companies in the world. They are the world’s leading supplier of high-barrier plastic packaging for long shelf-life, ambient, microwaveable, and convenience foods.

Our goal for their new site was to enhance the site’s usability and modernize its appearance. We focused on restructuring the site’s layout and content, ensuring it was intuitive and user-friendly, while also giving it a contemporary design makeover. This website design case study showcases the innovative solutions we implemented to elevate the online presence of Silgan Plastics.


Consumer Goods
Food + Beverage

Some images used in the Silgan plastics website design

A Consistent Brand Image

Silgan Plastic Food Containers is just one of three product line websites we were going to be redesigning. It was important to maintain a consistent and cohesive branding strategy across all of Silgan’s sites.

Using their holdings site as a reference, we created a unified color palette and chose typography and imagery that aligned with the packaging company’s overall brand identity.

The color palette used in the Silgan Plastics website design
The website design, navigation, and structure of Silgan plastics.

Navigation and Structure

Our approach to site structure was centered around creating a clear and intuitive navigation system. We began by conducting a thorough analysis of the existing site, identifying areas where users frequently experienced difficulties in finding information.

We took this most sought-after information, such as product details, company information, and contact pages and made it more prominent in the main nav. We also introduced breadcrumb navigation to help users track their journey through the site and easily return to previous sections.

For the page structures, we adopted a more consistent and organized layout across the site. Each page was designed with a clear purpose and structured to present information in an easily digestible format. We used headings, subheadings, and bullet points to break down text, making it scannable for users.

The content itself also underwent a revamp. We focused on making it more concise and relevant, removing outdated information and jargon that could confuse or deter potential clients.

Website design case study elements
A module used in the Silgan Plastics website design.
A contact form.
high barrier food trays, heat seal bowls, and double seamed bowls
The website design for Silgan plastics
The about page on Silgan Plastics
The future of plastics is sustainable

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