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A brand’s website is, in most regards, its public face on the internet. As web design trends come and go, then, they inescapably take this simple truth into account. That first impression can determine whether a visitor becomes a valuable lead, and thus potentially completes a purchase. So understandably, digital marketing has evolved to take this factor into account. But while marketing and content optimization undoubtedly help drive traffic, a site’s design is arguably the very first visual cue. One simply can’t overlook it.

Modernization is a worthy endeavor in pursuit of optimization, and keeping up with trends is a wise first step. So, if you’d like to explore some promising web design trends for 2024, read on.

Why Does Web Design Even Matter?

As outlined just above, a website’s design is the very first visual impression a visitor gets.  In turn, it incites many assumptions. Whether they’re fully accurate or not doesn’t truly matter if a site’s outdated design discourages a visitor from exploring it. While they vary across individuals, they can very well include assumptions and expectations on the following:

  • Relevance, accuracy, and quality of information.
  • Authoritativeness and professionalism.
  • Customer service and interactions.

To reiterate, then, first impressions truly matter. A bad first impression can do severe injustice to a site’s content and hamper engagement. Competition on keeping up with trends is fierce, precisely because there’s value in doing so.

Modern web design affects lead generation, which is the first stage of any sales funnel. It affects conversion rates, which directly affect revenue. It can even affect search engine optimization (SEO) strategies since it can influence content publishing practices. When you need to keep your site running as smoothly as possible, then, design choices are also a functional concern. It is thus a vital element of any successful site, and certainly not simply an aesthetic choice.

With the aforementioned factors in mind, let us explore web design trends for 2024. As we do, let us also examine what they practically offer.

Web Design Trend #1: White Space And White Frames

Unicolor spaces and frames are by no means a new design concept. They have been gaining popularity in recent years, however, white spaces and frames even more so. Far from simply a visual preference, this trend does offer practical advantages.

1. Structure

Such frames and spaces give each different element more space on a page. This lets Calls to Action (CTAs), headers, and other visual elements stand out. White is particularly easy to use in this regard.

2. A Professional Look

Such neutral, bright colors as white give a professional look. White is not particularly strict, and it gives a sense of order for individual page elements.

Web Design Trend #2: Dark mode

In stark contrast, dark mode web designs are equally viable – and equally modern. Black is seemingly a timeless color, and in this regard, also very practical.

1. Structure

Just like white-heavy designs, dark mode designs offer a sense of structure. They allow other elements to pop out better, and are easier on the eyes. The fact that they are compatible with other trends is also a welcome advantage.

2. Mobile-friendliness

As more and more internet users access sites through mobile devices, one can’t overlook this advantage. Dark designs look better on many types of mobile screens, and strain batteries less. What’s more, mobile-friendliness also directly affects SEO scores.

Web Design Trend #3: Floating Elements And Soft Shadows

Floating Elements And Soft Shadows

Speaking of compatibility, floating elements and soft shadows mix well with both of the above. Still, they are both valuable standalone options, as they provide a pseudo-3D sense of depth.

1. Visual Stimulation

Naturally, such techniques help create depth. This makes individual page elements stand out and appear more life-like, which is far more visually stimulating than traditional approaches.

2. Modernity

For this exact reason, these touches offer a distinct deviation from traditional designs. When first impressions matter, this sense of depth can swiftly dispel any doubts over a site being modern and up-to-date.

Web Design Trend #4: Luminous, Futuristic Color Schemes

Luminous, Futuristic Color Schemes

In much the same way as all the above, luminous color schemes will serve sites well in 2024. Popping colors, especially in contrast to unicolor backgrounds, will intrigue the eye and ensure a modern look.

1. An Animated Look

Such designs offer unquestionable vivacity. A break from traditional norms and conventions, futuristic touches can enable duotone designs and mesh well with other practices.

2. Unquestionable Modernity

Bold designs, overlapping images and elements, and neon touch all provide a look of cutting-edge modernity. Such strokes can truly make a site catch the eye and give it a unique identity.

Web Design Trend #5: Simplicity And Minimalism

Nothing seems to define web design trends for 2024 as precisely as simplicity and minimalism. It stands to reason why design resources often focus on it. That is where the drive to make individual elements stand out leads to, and it offers distinct benefits.

1. Mobile-friendliness

Not unlike dark mode designs, minimalist designs also serve mobile users better. They help crucial elements, headers, and CTAs stand out better on smaller screens, reducing excess fluff.

2. Usability And Accessibility

Minimalist designs offer, by extension, easier navigation. Crucial elements stand out better which, practically, makes sites easier to navigate. What’s more, they make sites more accessible, as they better enable keyboard-only navigation and other assistive technologies.

Web Design Trend #6: Artistic Illustrations

Similarly, artistic illustrations continue to gain popularity. This web design trend sacrifices little readability, to none at all if done meticulously, while offering distinct advantages.

1. Authenticity

Such artistic illustrations as line-style drawings offer a uniquely modern, authentic look. They look unforced, add character, and often feel pleasantly aloof.

2. Simplicity

By nature, such illustrations also leave little room for clutter. Thus, they offer a simplistic look, which is often more pleasant to the eye.

Web Design Trend #7: Retro

Web Design Trend #7: Retro

Lastly, it is indeed wise to “keep one eye on the past, one on the future” in terms of design. Elements of the past, such as noise and black-and-white images, will no doubt inspire web design trends in 2024.

1. Simplicity And Ease On The Eyes

Such designs enable simplicity by default. As such elements seek to be eye-catching, they need to be as uninhibited by visual clutter as possible to stand out. In turn, that makes them easily identifiable and readable.

2. An artistic feel

Modern designs that consciously draw from old practices feel artistic. They state that a site makes a focused effort to do so, as it carefully reimagines and adapts conventions of decades past.

Guest Post Author Bio

Michael Johnson is a freelance journalist, author, and blog writer, with a keen focus on the relocation industry. He holds a deep interest in web design and digital marketing, and the various technological advancements that serve them. He is also a novice hiker and an avid movie-goer.