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While the advancement in technology is evident in almost all sections, Artificial Intelligence (AI) has taken the customer service standards to a completely different level. Today we are going to dig into the 5 top tools for AI-Powered customer service.

The demand for AI-powered chatbots and software solutions has sharply increased in the past few years. These AI solutions are being upgraded consistently to provide a more humanized experience. 

With improved features of reading natural language prompts and processing speech semantics, the software is able to deduce not just the words but also the context of the customers’ conversation.

It can accordingly automate multiple associated task flows for operations sales, administration, and marketing departments. Thus, managing the entire customer service function within its parameters as a cohesive whole.                                            

5 Top Tools For AI-Powered Customer Service 

The implications of AI have shown sustained results in many service sectors. Applying its features to customer service can help automate the rigors of attending to your customers 24/7 each day.

However, this does not compromise the level of customer service standards that are expected of your brand. If anything, the immediate response time and easy resolution of the problems turn every customer service interaction into a customer delight experience.

Here we have curated the top 5 AI-powered customer service solutions that have shown remarkable growth in a very short time. 

These tools are set to reach new heights within 2023 in revolutionizing the way that customer service and resolutions are handled for major companies.

This is a detailed look at their innovative features and the major USPs that each of these brings to the table.

Let’s take a look. 

1. Amelia

Amelia AI-Powered digital employees home screen.

Amelia is the future of digital work culture. The platform creates AI-powered digital employees to work with multiple departments of your company. However, Amelia was piloted specifically as a phone and web-centric client service assistant.

Initially, the app was filled as a digital legal assistant for companies to offload the bulk of their administrative tasks. However, it has been improved consistently to now serve as the first line of contact for all inbound calls and automated lead sign-up workflows.

Amelia can even integrate the task flow with other significant apps. For instance, it can use an identity recognition app like Abstract API for a logical query where the workflow hinges on how to get a client IP address in javascript. The integration will increase the overall intelligence and security of your customer service workflow.


Here is a list of benefits that makes Amelia such a favorite with the world’s leading companies.

  • A digital employee with real cognitive abilities and ensures customer satisfaction at a much higher percentage than regular chatbots.
  • An enterprise-ready application adapted by top brands across the world.
  • Able to interact with over 40,000 customers’’ chats and phone calls per month.
  • Can interact in multiple languages to handle a global clientele.
  • It can guarantee a high-resolution rate of over 93% customer requests. 


Amelia has different digital employee versions depending on the sector for which you want to apply the platform. The different versions of the Amelia AI employee include customer care executive, HR coordinator, IT service engineer, and Network admin.

All of these versions are available for a free trial. 

The cost of employing the version full term might be around $1,800.00 USD per month to assist with 1000 queries each month. The platform has a COVID-19 assistant available free for use indefinitely.

2. Zendesk Answer Bot

Zendesk Answer Bot. One of the 5 Top Tools For AI-Powered Customer Service.

The Zendesk answer bot allows your customer support service to always be online for your clients. The software works to strengthen your existing customer support team. It can be your first point-of-contact for your customers and match the answers to commonly asked questions with its database.

It can identify the scenario where an agent needs to be brought in to handle the query for more personalized efficiency. In short, the answer bot is designed to be the perfect teammate to handle the low-priority customer tickets and free up the agents’ hours to handle the customer context cases that require more in-depth analysis and resolution.


Here is a list of advantages specific to the Zendesk answer bot.

  • Compatible with multiple support channels like, chat, messenger, slack, and email options.
  • Equipped with Flowbuilder to allow you freedom to design the conversations between the bot and your customers’.
  • The flow can be published in multiple languages.
  • Does not require any code for setup.
  • Connect your existing bot with the Zendesk platform for full flexibility.


The Zendesk service is available in four different pricing plans. The Foundational Support plan is available at $19.00 USD per agent. The Suite team plan is priced at $49.00 USD per agent. The Suite Growth plan is available at $79.00 USD per agent. The Suite Professional is billed at $99.00 USD per agent. All of the plans are available for a free trial before purchase. 

3. Trengo

Trengo screen capture.

Trengo was originally designed to add to a team’s strength to improve the customer service quality. The software is powered by AI Beacon to provide a live chat service.

The platform also allows you to upload your specific FAQs, workflows, and knowledgebase with the Docs. The Messages option within the platform allows you to continue team interactions and scale your customer service task flow as your support demands increase. It is particularly helpful for startups still advancing through their initial growth stage.


Here are some major advantages of the Trengo tool.

  • Simple to use and the basics can be learnt within an hour.
  • Provides 50+ integrations, support tools and add-on automation features.
  • Provides a shared inbox to manage all customer conversations at a scalable speed.
  • Allows real-time reporting options.
  • The customer management feature allows you to identify VIP customers to provide additional customer delight offers for increased retention. 


Trengo is available in three different pricing plans. The Grow plan is priced at 15 EUR per user per month. 

The Scale plan is priced at 25 EUR per user per month. The Enterprise plan is a custom package, which is prepared according to the requirements of the different enterprises. You can request a price on demand. 

The Grow and Scale plan is available for free trials before you buy a subscription.

4. Freshdesk  

Freshdesk is one of the 5 top tools for AI-Powered customer service.

If you intend to increase the overall functionality of your customer help desk, Freshdesk might just be the tool for you. The app helps to manage all your customer communication including emails and social platforms within one single interface.

It allows you to upload a personalized knowledge base for logical task flows and FAQs specific to your company. 

You can connect to other software options, mobile apps to automate the entire customer service workflow. 

This includes the process of registering customer tickets, routing to individual departments for resolution, and assigning tasks to the agents for maximum productivity for the entire process. 

You can also connect to AI voice text to speech apps to transcribe all your calls to written tickets for easy assignment through the customer service workflow.


Here are a few advantages of using the Freshdesk customer service tool.

  • Available for multichannel support on live-chat, mobile, web or other contact centers.
  • Provides a 360-degree customer view to the service agents for immediate guided customer resolutions.
  • Allows powerful routing task flows to significantly reduce the wait times for customer calls.
  • Offers guided field service to help remote agents resolve customer issues onsite.
  • Helps to route the service teams with the correct matched skillset and within nearest proximity to the customer ticket. 


Freshdesk is available in four different pricing options. The free option has limited features but you can use it without cost. The Growth plan is $13.99 USD per agent and the Pro plan is priced at $47.99 USD per agent. The Enterprise plan is available at $75.99 USD. 

All the plans come with a 21-day free trial plan. 

5. Appcues

Appcues app welcome screen.

Appcues is an in-app user engagement platform meant to empower your non-technical teams. It allows them to create targeted modals, guided tours, and other types of user experiences without having to burden engineering with the implementation.

The tool works to design beautiful, personalized experiences that feel native to your product with our no-code Builder.

It helps you deliver the right experience to the right user, at the right time with our powerful targeting engine. 

Appcues is even able to measure product adoption and the impact of your experiences with our turnkey event visualizations and dashboards.


Here are the key advantages of the Appcues tool:

  • Empowers non-technical users to move fast and deliver results.
  • Show off the impact of your work with simple yet beautiful data visualizations..
  • Create reports to track your key metrics, then save them to a dashboard for at-a-glance reporting and analysis.
  • Create your own reusable templates, add some custom CSS, and more.

Bonus Tip

Once you have designed your top-notch personalized product, make sure to make a good first impression to its new users. How you may ask? By providing them with a thorough user onboarding. 

Get user onboarding right, and you can look forward to all sorts of good things. Because a good user onboarding experience doesn’t just teach new users how to use the software. It teaches them how to use it successfully, in order to meet their unique goals. Click here to learn more about UX onboarding best practices.


Appcues is available in three pricing plans. 

The essentials plan is available at $249.00 Usd per month. 

The growth plan is available at $879.00 Usd per month. 

The Enterprise plan is customizable and pricing is available on request. A demo is also included with this plan. Both the Essentials and Growth plans are available for a free trial period before purchase.   


The digital transformation of your customer support workflow can have a resounding impact on your overall business.

With the 5 top tools for AI-Powered customer service mentioned above, you can have access to the most advanced features that technology has to offer currently in the customer service field. 

The best part is AI-powered tools add the intelligence that is sorely needed for a dynamic overhaul of your customer service strategy. It can turn your brand into the envy of your leading peers in the industry.

Let us know below which of the above tools made it to your list of favorites. 

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