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A great transformation is sweeping the online marketing landscape, and businesses must continue innovating to remain competitive. If you’re not following digital marketing trends, you’re limiting your business growth. This is advantageous to your competitors, and soon they could edge you out of business. Below are the top internet marketing trends for 2021.

1. Interactive Emails

The ROI (return on investment) of email marketing efforts continues to increase. Though experts notice some stagnation in numbers through this method, marketers are reinventing email marketing by replacing plain-text emails with emails that have a web designer’s touch.

Top Digital Marketing Trends for 2021

Marketers are utilizing emails that look more like web pages with clickable buttons. These improved designs improve conversions. It’s not just using web-based email templates; you have to look for UX-centric designs and amazing visuals.

Businesses are also relying on email marketing sales funnels to increase conversions. An email marketing funnel is a series of emails that guides customers from point A to point B, making it easy to convert prospects into buyers.

2. Online Customer Reviews

Small business owners can’t afford to ignore online customer reviews this year. Ranking high on the SERPs takes a lot of effort, and luckily, online reviews can have a great impact on local search results and contribute positively to your SEO efforts.

Most online reviews include keywords, such as your business name or product name, adding more content associated with you on the internet. Online reviews also help to drive sales, build trust, and increase brand awareness. Read this guide to Google reviews to learn how to leverage them to your advantage.

3. Social Commerce

Businesses have been working toward getting social media users to visit their e-commerce stores. Now, customers can buy products from media posts directly without having to go to the online store.

Research shows that 54% of social media users are looking for products to buy. Having shoppable media posts creates fewer steps for customers and fewer chances of abandonment.

By allowing social media transactions, you will get several leads. For instance, you can link your Shopify store to your Instagram or Facebook accounts.

4. Direct Messaging

Direct Messaging

A perfect way to get personal with your customers is corresponding with them via their DMs. Brands are now building stronger relationships with customers through messaging apps like Facebook messenger, Whatsapp, Instagram, Viber, Twitter, and other platforms.

Directly messaging customers helps to forge relationships, and is a perfect way to solve customer queries, and take sales orders. For this technique to work, you have to encourage your customers to contact you.

5. Micro-Influencers

Social media influence is now a valuable commodity. With stiff competition from the big brands, small businesses are choosing to work with micro-influencers. A micro-influencer is a medium-sized marketing influencer with a narrower niche. These influencers have a better engagement rate compared to the famous ones, and most importantly, they’re affordable.


The direction of these 2021 marketing trends is toward more personal relationships, and targeted niches. Automation and new technology are the means of making those connections happen.

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