Matchbox Design Group Hires New Digital Specialist

Our Culture - St. Louis Marketing FIrm

Award-winning marketing agency amps up its digital offerings This press release originally appeared on the, the online version of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch.  In an effort to expand their agency and service offerings, Matchbox Design Group Hires New Digital Specialist James McMinn. This hiring move also increased the agency’s staff to eight full-time employees…. Read More

St. Patrick’s Day Wallpaper: March Download

May the luck be with you with this St. Patrick's day wallpaper for free download.

St. Paddy’s Day Wallpaper For Your Desktop St. Paddy’s Day is just around the corner. So give your computer a splash of bright, cheery green with our free St. Patrick’s Day Wallpaper for your device. As an added bonus, you may just find a four-leaf clover to grant you luck all month long. If hunting… Read More

Bridging the Gap in Cancer Research: A New Website for MT-DIRC

Cancer Research

Cancer research often takes a long time to go from theory to practice. This gap can delay new discoveries from reaching patients for 10-20 years after they were conceived. This is exactly why the Mentored Training for Dissemination and Implementation Research in Cancer (MT-DIRC) founded by Washington University of St. Louis was formed. Their goal is to facilitate… Read More

2020 SEO Essential Factors

2020 SEO Essential Factors

**Update it’s not 2016 anymore. Here are the 2020 SEO essential factors. Are they much different from previous years? Find out!** It’s almost 2020! The good news is that a lot of the things you are already doing will continue to work for you in 2020. As we all know, you need good backlinks, great… Read More

Celebrating 10 Years in Business: Part 1

10 Years in Business

It All Started When We Bought the Wrong Domain Like any great story of our time, there may have been a few beers involved. Thankfully was never purchased―and we never looked back. Since that serendipitous day in 2006, Matchbox Design Group has been igniting innovative ideas and building St. Louis brands. After all, design… Read More

The Instagram Update We’ve All Been Waiting For

The Instagram update that might have changed the game.

Article Updated 08/23/18 The latest Instagram update pushed out version 7.15 of their iOS and Android app yesterday, and it came with an update that all of us marketers have been desperately waiting for–and it’s not the perfect filter that makes you look super fly. You can finally, FINALLY switch accounts on one app. Instagram… Read More

Recent Blog Posts: WordPress, Twitter and Wallpapers

The New Wordpress Release is Version 4.4.2 and the Security Updates

We had a record number of three blog posts last week! Which means that there must have been a lot going on in the world to blog about. And there was: WordPress security releases, Twitter changes and more. Read these recent blog posts. Our two co-founders stepped up to the blogging plate and we revealed… Read More

February Download: St. Louis Blues Wallpaper

Download one of our free St. Louis Blues Wallpaper for your desktop.

Let’s go Blues! As we skate into February, we couldn’t help but create a cool St. Louis Blues wallpaper design for our favorite hometown hockey team, the St. Louis Blues. Luckily this St. Louis team has stayed loyal to us and hasn’t left our city. Not that we think the Blues would ever do something like… Read More

Recent Shake-Ups With Twitter

Recent Shake-Ups With Twitter Recently there has been a big shake-ups with Twitter with the return of former CEO Jack Dorsey, also CEO of Square. A lot of high-level officials have departed from the company with different reasons for why but one thing is for sure, more changes are coming. Chiefly that of platform changes… Read More

WordPress Releases Version 4.4.2

The New Wordpress Release is Version 4.4.2 and the Security Updates

Today, the new WordPress release, version 4.4.2 is finally here. The release is both a security update for all previous versions of WordPress and a maintenance release for sites running 4.4 and newer. Since the announcement this morning, we have started the process to update all of our client’s websites to the latest version. If… Read More