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There are various types of solutions present around us to solve the problem of our daily lives. We can utilize any of them to meet our needs, whether online video streaming, purchasing everyday essentials, ride-sharing, making payments, etc. So, applications for the various purposes mentioned here are available in the market.   But, those applications are not the same as Super Apps.

But, these apps serve single purposes, which people easily notice, and the requirements for such platforms decreased to a considerable level as they need to log in separately after each installation. Hence, multi-service media came into existence and soon saw success in the market.

So, in this post, you will learn about super apps, their rise, and some reasons that encourage vendors to switch to these solutions.

Switching To Super App Solutions

Previously, these platforms were present in the Asian region like WeChat in China, Gojek in Indonesia, and Grab in Singapore. Later, by witnessing intense demand for these applications, other countries from all over also started to catch up.

User excited about the new Super App that he downloaded.

Also, many countries launched their multi-service platforms apart from the Asian region and started emerging in the market. Currently, in America, 67% of consumers are willing to have multi-service applications in their daily use, which resulted in Rappi starting to serve various services. 

But first, let’s know the meaning of super applications.

What Does Super App Mean?

It is an application that integrates numerous services from different business sectors like delivery, ride-hailing, online payments, and such services. Alongside, merchants can perform tedious tasks efficiently without any hassles. 

For people, it acts as an online marketplace that offers a pool of services, and the users can choose from any of them. Also, they can receive various features along with a smooth flow of functions.

Different Services Received Using Super Apps

  • Taxi Sharing
  • Food and Grocery Delivery
  • Courier Delivery
  • Appointment Booking
  • Home Services
  • Payment Services

Apart from the above-mentioned services, there are many other services that business owners can aggregate. Besides that, how did the rise of super apps take place?

How Did The Rise Of Super Apps Occur?

Everyone knows that behind the success of anything, whether it’s some brand or a particular product, there are always some reasons hidden. Similarly, in the case of super apps, there are also some factors or reasons playing a vital role in its victorious results. Those are mentioned below:

Man showing one of his super apps.

Application Overload

Currently, there are millions of solutions present in the Play Store and App Store. But there are only a few of them helpful for users. So, super apps receive the benefits of saturation of useless platforms in an app store. It is because they cover all the business segments and occupy less storage comparably. 

Convenience To Users

It is one of the key reasons behind the rise of multi-service platforms. Because it provides users with the convenience of accessing the specific service from the plethora offered to them. Hence, it becomes comfortable for customers to get their jobs done from a single spot in a minimal time, along with reducing the hassles of signing into different individual service applications.

Reduction In Storage Occupation

As people’s devices have certain storage limitations, it becomes a positive for multi-service solutions that seem attractive to many users as they need to download just one application to access different services, and that’s how it fetches a massive user base. Customers can access a wide range of services instead of utilizing different platforms.

Entrepreneurs are tempted to get their super app development solution by witnessing such demands among the people. However, are specific beneficial points for startup owners encouraging them to initiate their business online? They are stated in the next section below.

Which Points Of Super Apps Encourage Entrepreneurs?

As there are many vendors attracted to establishing their online multi-service venture, it is due to certain factors that help them to enrich their ventures and in speeding up the business growth. Those aspects are mentioned below:

Lower Infrastructure Costs

Entrepreneurs need to pay the minimal infrastructure cost by shifting the venture online, as they don’t require any physical infrastructure for operation, which considerably reduces the merchants’ expenses. In short, they just need to invest a minimal amount of capital in beginning a multi-service business online.

Meager Maintenance Expenses

As an enterprise is operated online through a solution, the expense of maintaining a platform is almost equivalent to spending nothing. It is because the application goes into maintenance only if there are any technical glitches. Considering those aspects of maintenance attract entrepreneurs to switch their venture into a multi-service business online.

Attracts Targeted Audience

If we consider the conventional business, then we need to design the store well to attract customers. It costs a lot, but if you as an entrepreneur are associated with an online venture, then you can get the appealing design of your application and attractive UI at lower prices compared to the traditional approach. It would probably help you to get desirable outcomes from the enterprise. 


Your venture becomes scalable enough to handle the massive user base by transforming it into an online multi-service business. As an entrepreneur, you can execute every enterprise operation fluently, no matter how much traffic is present on your platform. Besides, every feature can be modified to fulfill business requirements.

Effective Marketing Strategies

Nowadays, users visit your online store if your marketing strategies are powerful enough. Hence, by using multi-service solutions, you can market your business in numerous ways, which include posting on social media about the venture from the platform and sending notifications regarding various deals and discounts through email and SMSs.  

Multiple Revenue Streams

In addition to lower infrastructure and maintenance costs, you can implement diversified revenue channels in ventures for your stakeholders. It means you can raise your business’s profitability by investing less money.

Thus, by analyzing the points mentioned above, entrepreneurs are encouraged to build super apps by contacting renowned and trustable technology partners. As they can get an instant rise in the market, as people majorly prefer to utilize these solutions for getting their purposes satisfied. 

Final Verdict:

Today, in a competitive world, numerous platforms are launched daily for various purposes. However, it is not possible for users to keep every solution on their devices, so the demand for all-in-one applications rose gradually in the market due to several reasons. Thus, you can launch your multi-service business online by getting Super Apps.

Hence, if you as an entrepreneur who wants to invest less capital along with satisfying all needs of customers effectively by reducing the hassles of managing the business. Then creating a super app ticks out the several criteria discussed earlier. Also, by keeping in mind the rising future requirements of multi-service solutions, stepping into the super app market might be the sensible choice for your enterprise.

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