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Since three of our employees have past experience in insurance we practically leaped into the air with the chance to design and develop an insurance site, whose main objective would be to help people procure a life settlement contract like how other companies do.

We came to know Tom Rothwell while waiting for the slowest elevator in the world. Yes, the elevator in our building. The Insurance Advisors of Saint Louis office happens to be on the floor below us. We invited Tom upstairs to talk all things web and design, and soon the t’s were crossed, the I’s dotted and we were on our way.

Tom requested that Matchbox create something unlike all of his competition: a non-generic website with brilliant navigation, clean forms, and a professional house for the most important feature – his blog. Tom has been blogging for a number of years, bringing insurance humor, fun facts, and photos to his subscribers each week. Since he was already familiar with the WordPress platform, he is thrilled to use his new, custom WordPress site for upcoming blog posts.

Insurance Advisors Website

Insurance Advisors Of St. Louis

So how did we accomplished our goals, you might ask?

We started with a ton of research. Sketches. More Research. Wireframes. Meetings. More Sketches. More Wireframes. More Discussions. Draft #1. More Sketches. Revisions. Draft #2. Revisions. More Meetings. Adding Additional Elements. More Meetings. Design Quality Check. More Meetings. Development. Animating. More Meetings. Coding. Search Engine Optimization. Final Quality Check. Testing…and Voila!

Some neat features of the form include the ability to jump into each service independently by the service icons on the sidebar. You can also do this by the checkboxes on the form page so that you only get quoted on what you need. In addition to the form, the blog has style options pre-programmed per category in WordPress for even easier updating.

Insurance Advisors Website Sketches and Wireframe

After all that, we could not be more excited to announce that The Insurance Advisors of Saint Louis’ new website is now live! We hope that Tom and his crew will make the trek up one flight of stairs to visit us again even though our work here is done.

Visit it today,

St. Louis Website Design

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