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This year, Matchbox Design Group, wanted to do something special for our clients and have some fun with our holiday cards. We decided to do it all! Photography, a nice printed card, a microsite, a recorded track, and a whole lot of holiday cheer.  Here’s a peek at our process of the photo shoot to see how it all came together.  A big thanks to Jacquin Studio Photography for the pics and the retouching – they did a great job! Now we have great Matchbox Design Group Holiday Cards every year.

The Real Matchbox Design Group Holiday Cards Behind The Scenes Starts Here:

Here is the background shot we started out with, it was Amanda’s idea for the perspective and Steve at Jacquin went out at night and snagged this picture of a well decorated holiday themed house.


Thank you to Bob Dunn at Fox Architects (a long time client and great group of people) for our other distressed neighbor and his wife, Laura Dunn, our golf club wielding angry neighbor .


And the cast of terrible carolers: Matchbox Design Group

The song on the microsite was recorded in office by me using a single mic in mono and added to a track we bought.  This was really our icing on the cake as well as Kendra’s album art graphics that are also featured on the back of the card.  Cullen built the website and social media features and voilĂ !


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