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Happy, Happy Weekend!

The Matchbox team will be enjoying every minute of this long weekend! We’re headed to different corners of the country, and if combined, our travel miles would add up to be 5,500 miles! And that’s only one way…

Please Have A Happy Weekend

Happy Weekend

Brent is visiting friends in Dallas, probably getting down on some BBQ… What is more American than Texas?!

Mindy will be spending the weekend in San Francisco with family visiting Napa Valley, Alcatraz … and the Full House set, of course!

You might find Andy atop one of the 6ft waves predicted off the coast of San Onofre, California. Surfs Up, Brah!

Maida will be taking advantage of the holidays patriotic prices, did someone say shopping spree? Cha-ching!

Cullen will be elbow deep in his victory garden and building a swing set for his daughter, Viv. Livin’ the American Dream right there!

Dan and his fiancé are taking a scenic road trip across the Midwest to the Northernmost tip of Michigan to be with family. And by scenic, I mean a 12 hour drive… “Seriously, are we there yet!?”

And Theresa? Well she’s off to the Windy City to take part in celebrating one of her best friend’s wedding … and get her pizza fix at Gino’s East!

As you can see, Team Matchbox was desperate to get away… but before we head our separate ways, we had some last minute projects to wrap up.