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Your marketing and promotional efforts will make or break your business. Whether you are just starting or have been operating successfully it’s best practice to constantly review and tweak your marketing campaign. One part of effective marketing is the design aspect. Today we are going to discuss design tips on how to enhance your promotional material.

You can come up with clever promotional stunts but if it’s poorly designed the message will get lost, especially in this day of content overload. Let’s look at some design tips to make sure your marketing material will look professional and stand out from the crowd.

Lay The Proper Branding Foundation

For your marketing to be effective you need to make sure your branding is consistent and based on a strong foundation. Your logo is your most important brand asset and will set the tone for your creative direction. If you don’t have a logo in place yet this is the perfect opportunity to get a logo that doesn’t just look pretty but evokes the right response from your target audience.

Lay The Proper Branding Foundation

If you aren’t shy about rolling up your sleeves and taking the do-it-yourself approach try a free design application like Logo Creator. Make sure to design lots of different concepts and to get some unbiased feedback before finalizing your logo. If that’s not your thing you can always hire a freelancer or design agency to help with your logo. Either route you choose make sure you get it perfectly right.

Be Consistent Across All Of Your Promotional Material

As you build out your promotional items you must take a deliberate and consistent approach. It’s easy to spot an amateur attempt at branding. Small business owners who don’t have the resources to hire an agency or freelancer often end up with a mix of designs. They will buy a website template, then use a business card design that doesn’t match, and launch even more disconnected social media posts.

Resource constraints aren’t an excuse for poorly designed promotional material, however. There are lots of free resources available that you can use to come up with beautiful brand assets. The trick is to be consistent. Consistent meaning, make sure you implement your logo across your website, business cards, pitch deck, flyers, social media account, etc. In addition, you want to make sure you repeat your logo’s core color across all of your designs. This color repetition will enforce your core branding color. With your logo and core color represented across all of your marketing material, your brand will already have a cohesive and professional look.

Make Good Use Of Color

Marketing professionals and psychologists have studied the connection between color and buyer behavior for a long time. The impact of color as an emotional triggers is well documented. It’s in your best interest to study those connections and leverage them when it comes to marketing your business. Study what each color means and then find one that’s most suitable for your branding and promotional items.

Ideally, this is also the core color you’ll use in your logo. Once you choose a color it’s time to find accent colors to enhance your designs. Pairing colors the right way is difficult even for experienced designers so use a free color matcher. Colors can make or break the design of any of your promotional materials. It’s best to gather some feedback before publishing your designs or sending them off to print.

Enhance Your Promotional Designs With Other Visual Aids

Promotional design used as a visual aid.

Your logo and color choices will go a long way when it comes to the visual appeal of your design. Don’t stop there, however. You can take your designs to the next level by making use of images, icons, illustrations, and the right fonts.

Items such as images and icons will help you break up content in a visually pleasing way and draw the reader’s eye to specific sections of your brand asset. This will help you get straight to the point and highlight important messaging and calls to action. In the end, the purpose of publishing your promotional brand assets is to inform and sell not just to look pretty.

Creating a consistent brand and launching effective and professional promotional material isn’t about resources but a disciplined approach. With the design tips on how to enhance your promotional material highlighted in this article, you are set to take on your next promotional design project with confidence.

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