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Cancer research often takes a long time to go from theory to practice. This gap can delay new discoveries from reaching patients for 10-20 years after they were conceived. This is exactly why the Mentored Training for Dissemination and Implementation Research in Cancer (MT-DIRC) founded by Washington University of St. Louis was formed. Their goal is to facilitate discussion and study that will speed up the transition between research and patients.

Our Take On The MT-DIRC Cancer Research Site

A few months ago, Maggie, the project coordinator for MT-DIRC, approached us with their need for a site to house resources, bios, a place for potential fellows to apply and news about the progress of their research. With nearly all the content we needed for the site from the get-go (thanks, Maggie!), the process was quick and efficient. For the design of the site, we focused on making it clean and simple, drawing the colors from the logo that the MT-DIRC team created for the program and utilizing iconography for the organization. New Matchbox Design Employee, Jeremy, took the lead in developing the front end of the site, working with our back-end guru, Dan, to perfect it. In addition to the standard pages of the site, the dev team created a password-protected resources page to allow access to only members of the MT-DIRC program to access presentations, articles, and other research coming out of the program.

We have really enjoyed working with Maggie and the rest of the MT-DIRC team and hope for their continued success! Check out the new MT-DIRC Cancer Research site here.

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