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VoIP Head Set. 5 Easy Steps To Setting Up A VoIP Phone System.

VoIP is a technology that enables phone calls to happen on the internet. The service saves on-call costs compared to most traditional phone systems. The setup uses the internet to connect the caller’s device.

Setting up a VoIP system is easy, and it’s almost similar to conventional methods. In this article, we will discuss setting up a VoIP phone system in 5 easy steps.

Setting Up A VoIP Phone System

Setting up a VoIP phone system with Matchbox

1. Set Up The Hardware

There is no specialized equipment needed to get started with VoIP. If you do not have a mobile phone with a digital phone app, you can use an IP phone connected to the computer through an ethernet cable.

If you have a software program or mobile app, you can open an interface for phone calls on the device you are using. The app will have an option for voice and video calls, and you can enjoy the benefits of VoIP.

Without a software program, ensure that you have a VoIP desk phone to make your VoIP calls more straightforward. You can also buy VoIP headsets which you use when your hand is handling other tasks.

2. Find A VoIP Provider

This is the most important step in setting up a VoIP phone system. There are many VoIP providers in the market, and it’s hard to know the best one. Providers charge differently for each option and offer.

You need to determine the sets of features you will want and take your time to compare the list of providers before you commit to a subscription.

As you shop for new VoIP, consider how it charges. Some charge per user while others charge per minute. Others combine the two.

The best way to find a suitable provider is by looking at the options and comparing them based on the features and pricing. If you have trouble choosing a provider that suits your needs, the best VoIP consulting company will assist you with the process.

3. Get A Business Phone Number

The VoIP provider you choose will determine whether you get a number included in the plan or not. If you have a business number already, you can port it over.

If not, you can select any available or toll-free number to use. You can get the different phone numbers in the market: the local numbers, toll-free numbers, or vanity numbers. Porting will help you transfer your phone number from your current provider to the new number.

4. Setting Up The Phone System

Setting up your desk phone will depend on the model you are using and the network setup. You do not have to use an AC adapter if you have e Power over Ethernet (PoE) since one wire can carry the electrical signal.

Without a PoE, connect your adapter to the outlet and plug it into your phone. Use a CAT5e or CAT6 cable to connect the router or the switch to the phone. Once you are connected, wait for the initialization process to end, then wait for a dial tone.

Setting Up The Phone System.

If you are using the PoE, connect it to the phone with Ethernet cables, and once the phone turns on, it will automatically establish a connection to the provider.

5. Testing The VoIP Lines

If you followed the steps to set up a VoIP system that was outlined above, you should have no issues. Also, ensure that your internet connection is fast for the best call quality. All of this done without a conventional phone line.

You can contact your provider if you have problems with your audio quality, latency, or stability to help you troubleshoot the problem. Sometimes these problems occur if there is network congestion; therefore, it is always best to use a direct connection rather than WiFi.

Most VoIP providers ensure their clients have an easy setup wizard to configure every aspect of their system. Remember, the steps will depend on your setups, and the process could be different based on your provider. For this reason, make sure that you follow the setup instructions for a successful setup.

Final Thought

Setting up a VoIP phone system may sound intimidating at first if you have been using the conventional business phone system. However, the switch to VoIP is convenient and will save you money; therefore, it might be the best option for your small business. These five steps will help you install your VoIP and run it. You will also love the features that the VoIP system offers you.

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