Washington University in St. Louis

Website Design and Branding

Since 2008 Matchbox Design Group has been working with various departments within Washington University including the Brown School of Social Work and the School of Medicine. We were proud to do a website design and branding project for the Brown School.

Through this experience we have had the privilege of creating websites for groups researching the human genome, obesity policy and prevention, physical activity in Latin America, cancer and mental health dissemination and implementation research.

Each project is a new learning experience to delve into the subject matter that these groups have spent years researching to display it effectively on the web. Our job is to make each presence unique and provide the users with opportunities to engage, explore and get involved.

  • For COPPR (Center for Obesity Policy and Prevention Research), we created a tool to help chart and graph local policy statistics that had been collected in each county from around Missouri.
  • For the Center for Pharmacogenomics, we developed an interactive map of Dr. Dorn’s research.
  • For GUIA, (Guide for Useful Interventions for Physical Activity in Brazil and Latin America), we crafted a brand new logo and website design that was all developed in WordPress. 
  • For MT-DIRC (Mentored Training for Dissemination and Implementation Research in Cancer), we built and designed a new website for their team on the WordPress platform, which allowed for them to make easy updates. 
  • For IRI (Implementation Research Institute), we designed a new logo and website for their organization while helping them develop a solid content strategy for their messaging.  

Design and Branding For The Brown School Of Social Work At WashU
The dense subject matter of each of these projects has made it that much more fascinating to break down and reconstruct in exciting new ways. All of these projects have also given us a new appreciation for the time, energy and dedication that goes into their various disciplines, especially with grant writing. We were happy to do another website design and branding project for WashU.

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