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Tenet Healthcare Corporation owns and operates 77 acute-care hospitals in 14 states. We are proud to provide web design, development and SEO/SEM services.

We have continuously worked with three main Tenet hospitals over the years—St. Louis University Hospital, Des Peres Hospital and Doctors Hospital in Dallas. Our first project with SLU Hospital here in St. Louis helped start our relationship with Tenet. After developing six successful web presences for them this translated into great referrals to assist with Des Peres Hospital. It also helped with Doctors Hospital in Dallas.

“Working with multiple facilities has helped us share tactics and ideas to increase the effectiveness of all the sites that we maintain.”
Brent Feldman, Partner and Director of Design

MyNewSelf Web Design Case Study - Matchbox Design Group - St. Louis, Mo

Our Web Design Case Study

Even though there were a quite a few projects for various hospitals, our goal was still the same. Create marketing sites that created more traffic and more patients for the hospitals.

St. Louis University Hospital

We began working with Tenet Healthcare a few years ago when we redesigned the St. Louis University Hospital site for their Center for Comprehensive Cardiovascular Care. This site was the foundation for a total of five sites that we built for the hospital under one WordPress Multisite infrastructure. This gave them an easy way to jump between these disparate sites and manage them easily. It also made updating large-scale changes easier on our end. This new look and feel set the standard for their future web presences for the entire network of sites.

  • SLU Heart: We built this site to include a custom “Heart Healthy Challenge” section, which allows people to take a heart-healthy pledge to a healthier lifestyle. Participants can also track their progress in an online “journal.”
  • SLU Specialists: This site coincided with SLU’s ad campaign at the time. We built a custom grid settings page where the client had full control of editing the homepage grid. Our development team also built a fixed sidebar and custom header for this site.
  • Mid-America Stroke Network (MASN): The MidAmerica Stroke Network is a network of hospitals that are highly qualified to treat stroke patients. Users can visit the site and see a featured network map of all the area hospitals involved. We added a section that allows area hospitals to sign up to be featured on this network map.
  • Other SLU Sites: Bone Marrow Transplant, SLU Transplant and Robotic Surgery


Web Design Work By Matchbox Design Group

Design Case Studies by Matchbox Design Group in St. Louis


Des Peres Hospital

After completing sites for St. Louis University, we were referred to Des Peres Hospital to restructure and rebrand the web presence for their bariatrics program. Their previous print materials had set the tone for the feel of the brand, but none of these designs had been incorporated into the previous site. After incorporating this new look into the site, as well as form and scheduling functionality, the site not only looked better, but it converted more visitors into patients.

Doctors Hospital in Dallas

The good word of our service and work then spread to Doctors Hospital in Dallas where we updated their bariatrics program website and landing pages for SEO and SEM. We also created unique elements to assist in digital marketing, such as a custom short URL creator and short codes to easily drop in forms and calls-to-action throughout their websites.


The Design Details

Doctors Hospital had a very specific vision in mind: they wanted the homepage to feature real patients and allow these patients to upload their own photos and share their results. The homepage features these patient photos, along with brightly colored calls-to-action that lead users to helpful consultations for more information.

“We used photography of real people to help users connect with and feel more comfortable with the services offered. The bright colors, drawn from the logo Doctors Hospital provided to us, helped promote an environment that is friendly and hopeful.”
-Sarah Kidwell, Designer

Overall, we wanted the site design to reflect a feeling of comfort and positive energy, while still providing in depth information about weight loss surgery. We wanted clear calls-to-actions to guide possible clients to get to “MyNewBeginning.”

Doctors Hospital in Dallas: Physician’s Referral Service
After working with Doctor’s Hospital on their bariatrics site, we helped them tackle a smaller site, but one that was no less important. The small, one-page site they used to promote their physician referral service wasn’t attracting much attention and there was a suspicion that visitors to the site were questioning its legitimacy―people thought that it looked more like an ad than a hospital service. We made it our goal to create a clean, professional new site that gave users important information on choosing a new doctor and an easy way to contact Doctor’s Hospital to find a doctor who would work best for them.

Bringing The Branding Together

We started by choosing different colors and using a clean type from the Doctor’s Hospital brand to make it match the main site. Next, we added a tabbed navigation system to easily find information on each of the types of medicine Doctor’s Hospital practices in: family, internal and OBG/YN. We also included a three-step process to finding the right doctor, quick contact information and general information about Doctor’s Hospital.

Don’t take our word for it, check out the sites for yourself:

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