Branding and Marketing

Telugo is a loyalty system that allows businesses and customers to stay connected with a virtual punch card.

Branding and Marketing

Telugo was designed to serve both customers and businesses. It allows local business owners to easily create their own loyalty programs. A business owner can sign up online and almost immediately begin creating reward codes for users to scan with their mobile phones.

After a customer downloads the Telugo app, they are able to quickly and conveniently scan reward codes at participating retailers to receive point credits in their accounts. This eliminates using bulky and pesky rewards cards for customers, while also providing business owners with metrics and customer statistics.

We were asked to create the branding and marketing direction for the company while another local group handled the development of web software and iPhone app. After completion of design for the brand and website, we were asked to take over the web software and iPhone app development portion, as well. We created a new architecture for the app and online software, created an engaging and intuitive user interface and constructed both resources in less than half the time the initial group had quoted. From the ground up, Matchbox provided solutions for every part in the process, on time and under budget.

“Matchbox took the vision in my head and made it reality. Their passion for our project made us feel like they were part of our team.” – Jon Dobson, Founder, Telugo