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M+H Architects has completed projects in over 30 states in over 20 years of being in business.

webdesign and development

Task – Web Design and Development

We began working with M+H Architects in 2008 and they were the first client we utilized a content management system with to control their content on a site. Using Joomla!, we created a flexible and easy way to update a template that featured a custom projects component. With a desire to move to a responsive platform, we began discussions with M+H on how to make that transition and build their new site using WordPress.

First, addressing the web design and development helped us create a structure that would be more accommodating for mobile viewing. A longer scrolling homepage let us feature the most important items at the top and roll into additional content for the user. Projects were a priority on this site, so we drew a focus with the custom slider at the top of the page and their portfolio section became an even more dynamic area for them to display their work. There are multiple sort options, the ability to display quotes from the category of projects you are in and everything is mobile compatible.

Showcasing their large body of work helped show they were qualified but they wanted to make sure they showed the team that made it happen. Our web developers built an additional custom slider for their team, bio pages for everyone and had their entire staff prominently featured on the homepage as part of our web design development. After five years, being able to redesign a client’s site again is a great privilege and we appreciate the trust M+H has in us to take it to the next level with every iteration.