We put the Energizer Bunny on social media.

The Energizer Bunny has held a place in people’s hearts for over 25 years.  In 2009, it was our turn to take him from TV and the web into the realm of social media. Take a look at this Social Media case study.


The Energizer Bunny exists as not only a pop culture icon but also a symbol for enduring spirit.  In 2009 we helped craft the first Facebook page for the Energizer Bunny to highlight his personality, presence at charity events and more.

Over time the Facebook page evolved into 2 pages, many custom tabs, contents, public service messages and even a way to show his many outfits.  We guided the creation and development process that adapted to the users and changing guidelines and policies of Facebook itself.  With all the attention the Bunny was getting, Energizer thought it would be great to expand into a page centered around products as well.  We crafted the Energizer page in 2010 and launched “Power Source” which covered the diaspora of hobbies and interests of its users.

Over time their social media pages garnered hundreds of thousands of users from around the country.  While the traffic grew we had more opportunity to showcase new interactive features and technology beyond what others thought possible within a simple Facebook tab.

Social Media



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