Senior. Digital Strategist

James McMinn

James McMinn is a savvy digital marketing specialist with a Masters of Science in Internet Marketing. For the past five years, he has been specializing in website design and SEO.  He has a super sharp analytical mind and a finely tuned creative eye for marketing initiatives that optimize brands. He also owns a t-shirt shop, too. We are lucky to have James as our Senior Digital Strategist.

Get To Know James McMinn – Senior. Digital Strategist

Describe Yourself In Three Words.

“Unique Acquired Taste.”

Where Did You Grow Up?

“I grew up in the tiny town of Mexico, Missouri.”

What Do You Do At Matchbox Design Group?

“I am the new “SEO guy” (As of 2015) or my official title is (As of 2019)  Senior Digital Strategist. This involves developing keyword strategies and then making sure the plan, which is ever-changing, goes into action smoothly. So from the beginning, I come up with high-target, yet attainable keywords and formulate a plan with the team to build a website around those words so that our clients can rank high in each search engine for these keywords.

Basically, my job is to make sure that our clients get found for what they need to get found for.  So if you search for a “small giggling bear,” then the client who I am doing work for that sells Tickle-Me-Elmos should come up high on that search.

Of course, there is also Paid Search or AdWords, Facebook Ads, Facebook and other social media posting, some branding, optimizing of everything, training the customer to a certain point so they can do some things  This answer could go on forever, but I usually tell people I make them do better on Google.”

More Questions For James McMinn

What Do You Like Most About Working Here?

“The thing I like most about my job is that it’s always different and I never know what to expect.  Plus the people are pretty cool too.  It’s also nice that even though we work very hard, it’s a pretty laid back environment and everyone is here to help each other.”

What Did You Do Before Working At Matchbox Design Group?

“Before coming here, I did a job very similar, except at a smaller place where almost all of the work was put onto my shoulders and sometimes I didn’t feel that things were being done to the best of my ability because of that.”

What Do You Do In Your Spare Time?

“In my spare time I actually make and run some of my own websites selling things, and I really enjoy doing that. I am into politics and try to help out locally when/if I can. I enjoy playing games on my computer, phone, Apple TV and whatever other systems I might have. I like watching movies, TV Shows and reading about current events and other article-type readings about my work. I also like to hang out with friends, go out on the weekends, watch live music as much as it is possible for me to watch.

Other than that, as I said, I have some websites where I sell some things like t-shirts I design. I also sell gigs on Fiverr to make some money, just because I find it fun to do so. Other than that, I teach myself Photoshop much the same way I taught myself how to play sports when I was younger.  I guess an easier answer would have been that I like to stay busy, but I love naps, too! lol.”

What Do You Like To Do In St. Louis

Favorite St. Louis Activity/Restaurant/Spot?

“I really like to listen to live music and I can’t say there is one restaurant or spot that I like more than the other.  James likes a few places in The Grove. I like a few places in U-City. I like a few places in the CWE, Soulard, Downtown, Home Club at Ameristar and other bigger concert venues. I also like to go to live sporting events, I personally like going to hockey more than baseball, which is the big thing around here. I also like going to soccer, which has been nice since St. Louis has had so many friendly games and the USA team here recently, as well. I tend to feed off of the energy at live events and enjoy a good music festival — or five — during the summer months.”

What Design/Development Trend Are You Most Excited About In 2015?

“I really like the idea of having huge background images, kind of like what Apple uses. On top of that, I like what is being called the Vibrant design. If you haven’t heard of that yet, it is explained like this:

‘Think bold, graphical and intentional. We’re talking vibrant, unexpected colors, contrasted with subdued and muted environments; large-scale typography, soft directional lighting and shadow; the use of responsive design best practices; and meaningful motion – carefully choreographed animation that provides fluid, seamless touch transitions and, more importantly, delights users.'”

Special Talents James McMinn Has

“A special talent I have is that I can predict the ending to a movie before anyone I am with has a clue. It’s a talent that really makes some people mad and annoys me sometimes. I am very happy when I finally see a movie that I don’t predict the ending and it actually surprises me. This doesn’t happen very often, so thrillers, dramas, etc. are hard to watch sometimes.”

Famous People, You’ve Met?

“The Killers, Nick Hexum from 311, Panic at the Disco, Dave Chappelle, Dane Cook, Dennis Rodman, Zedd, Diplo, Paul Van Dyke, Bill Clinton, Hillary Clinton, Sander Van Doorn, Richard Vision, Nervo, Green Velvet … That’s all I can think of right now.”

What’s Something Awesome About You That Nobody Else Knows?

“I can’t tell you!”