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The IT sector can be quite competitive and challenging. When you’re trying to sell a product or offer your services, you have to be ready to face some strong competitors. This is why you have to walk the extra mile to make sure you get the chance to seal that deal, and not them. Writing sales proposals that win business can give you that chance to stand out.

Many people still wrongly believe that sales proposals are redundant. But, we have to beg the differ. Sales proposals can serve as a powerful tool for you to show who you are and what you offer. This is why we’ve put together this guide to help you learn the essential steps of writing a great sales proposal.

Steps To Writing A Killer Sales Proposal

Do Your Research

Each prospect is a new challenge. And, each new prospect requires a whole new, unique sales proposal. This is why you have to do thorough research on the prospect before you start writing. Once you do your research, then you can begin writing sales proposals that win business.

Here’s what you need to know:

  • Their company history.
  • Their place on the market.
  • Their biggest competitors.
  • People who are in charge.
  • Other IT companies they’ve collaborated with/

This is just to get you started and ensure you have the bigger picture.

Identify Prospect’s Needs & Objectives

To make sure your sales proposal is powerful, you have to make a connection to the prospect. The best way to do this is to show them how well you understand the situation they’re in.

Analyze your prospect in terms of:

  • The issues and problems they’re facing.
  • Their pain points.
  • Their needs.
  • Their goals and objectives.
  • Their vision for improvement.
  • The type of solution they’re looking for.

Show your prospect you know exactly what they’re struggling with or what they wish to improve. This will show them you did your homework and are truly dedicated to their case.

Introduce Your Solution

Now that you and the prospect are on the same page, and you know exactly what their status quo is, you can step in with your potential solution.

The most important part of this section in the sales proposal is this:

  • Explain the product or service you’re offering.
  • Tell them how it will help them to achieve their above-listed goals.
  • Be very specific about your plan for implementing the solution.

You have to write in regard to their specific case, and not create a general presentation of the product or the service. Go over each of their pain points and explain how the solution you’re offering can deal with each one. This way, you’ll show a systematic approach to their situation and give them more reason to trust you.

Provide Options

To make your sales proposal even more appealing and effective, you should prove different options to prospects. This way, they’ll feel more in control and respect you for your professionalism.

For each solution, inform the prospect about:

  • The biggest benefits and advantages.
  • Necessary budget.
  • Timeframe for implementation.
  • Expected results.
  • Break down the most important information about each of the options. Show the prospect you are versatile, professional, and ready to step in.
  • Seal The Deal.

When writing sales proposals that win business, your proposal should make it easy for the prospect to seal the deal with you. This way, they’ll have less time to change their minds or reconsider their decision.

So, instead of just sending them the proposal to read, consider, and then let you know what they’ve decided, you can make it into a contract.

All the prospect needs to do is:

  • Chose the option they prefer.
  • E-sign the contract.
  • Send it back to you.
  • The simplicity of the process is another thing your prospect will respect about you, so make sure you remove any unnecessary steps along the way.
  • Make It Simple.

The goal of the sales proposal is to help your prospects understand why you’re the best option they’ve got. But, if you make it overly elaborate and demanding to read, they’ll probably give up halfway through.

This is why you should aim for a simpler structure:

  • Subheadings
  • Short paragraphs
  • Bullet points
  • Simple and short sentences

Make every sentence count and keep it concise and to the point. Don’t waste your prospect’s time with details they don’t care about.

Use Everyday Language

When you’re writing an IT sales proposal, keep in mind that your prospects aren’t IT experts like yourself. That means that they could find it hard to understand certain parts of your proposal.

And, if they don’t understand it, it won’t be able to impress them. This is why we suggest you simplify your sales proposal to make sure everyone can understand it.

Here’s how to do it:

  • Use simple language.
  • Avoid heavy, technical terminology.
  • Explain how things work.
  • In a competitive market such as IT, you have to fight for every prospect. If your prospects are able to understand your sales proposal better, they’ll be more willing to accept your deal.
  • Watch Your Accuracy.

To show you’re a true professional, you have to polish your sales proposal before you send it out. That means you have to edit and proofread until it’s perfectly accurate – meaning:

  • No spelling mistakes.
  • No grammar mistakes.
  • No structural issues.
  • Proper vocabulary.

In case you need help with this, read this GrabMyEssay review and see if they’d be a fit to help you out. Make sure your sales proposal is refined and perfected.

Final Thoughts

Once the writing part is out of the way, consider using a proposal maker as such a tool can be of immense help to shape your mission into the most engaging document. Your goal is to create firm grounds between you and your prospect and give them every reason they need to choose your product or service as their solution.

Use the tips provided above and start working on your improved sales proposal strategy. Implement these essential steps, and you’ll be sealing more deals before you know it.

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