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The new iPad Pro from Apple is an incredible tool for anyone from marketing professionals to the novice. It boasts astonishing screen visibility, high-performance camera lenses, and intuitive accessories that make your experience as productive as possible.

But, with excellent performance and endless opportunities can come performance anxiety on your part as the user.

You may have done some research before buying your tablet to see what your device is capable of, but what do you need it to do daily?

There are hundreds of thousands of apps available, with more hitting the market regularly, so it can be hard to choose what apps to download.

Read on for the best productivity apps for iPad Pro, and set yourself up for success for any tasks you need to complete!

What’s New On The iPad Pro?

If you aren’t sure yet of all that your device is capable of, or if you need a refresher on the new features offered, look no further!

What's new on the iPad pro?
  • 11 or 12.9-inch screen sizes.
  • 120Hz refresh rate for a lightning-quick viewing experience.
  • 264-pixels per inch means a crisp, clear viewing experience.
  • USB-C port on the bottom edge of the tablet.
  • Two rear cameras for different width options while shooting.
  • Updated LiDar Scanner for better portraits and augmented reality.
  • Storage options range from 128GB–1TB.
  • Magic Keyboard attachment options with backlit keys and magnetic-floating features.
  • Apple pencil capabilities that charge wirelessly from the tablet.

Fresh from the box, your iPad Pro can do plenty on its own; but the apps are where you start to personalize your device to make it whatever you want and need it to be.

What Makes A Good Productivity App?

One of the best things about working off a tablet is the variety of apps available.

While this is a good thing, it can also be a bad thing if you aren’t sure what apps suit your needs.

When pulling together this list, here is what we took into consideration:

  • Is the app optimized for use on an iPad? (i.e., not just an enlarged version of an iPhone app)
  • Does the app provide a unique or compelling service for users?
  • Does it hold to its advertised promise?

When in doubt, read reviews from other users before making a purchase or download, and use any provided tutorials if you get stuck. You can also take to the web to look for user-created help from YouTube or articles when necessary.

The best apps on the market help to supercharge your experience, taking your daily tasks to the next level. If your apps aren’t bringing you joy or making your life easier, is it worth the space on your screen?

The 8 Best Productivity Apps For iPad Pro

App developer working on interface design

Are you ready to get to work and make the most of your time?
It can be challenging to find the best productivity apps for iPad Pro, but here are the 8 BEST on the market right now!

1. Apple iWork

This one may seem obvious, but many new iPad owners aren’t aware of the productivity power of this service. iWork consists of three programs: Keynote, Numbers, and Pages for iPad, which make up an entire office suite you can take anywhere.

2. Microsoft Office

If you’re more familiar with the Microsoft Office suite, Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Outlook, and more can all be at your fingertips through their coordinating apps.

3. Jotform Sign

Jotform Sign is a legally binding signature tool that enables users to automate their signing process, saving time and increasing productivity. While e-signature products are all over, Jotform Sign is the newest addition to an already strong suite of productivity tools, bringing together your contract, and signing processes. 

Jotform Sign combines the power of a strong form builder with secure e-signatures, eliminating manual tasks with its automation features.  Users can create approval flows, assign documents to their teams or signees, get notified once the document is signed, send automated notification emails before the signing deadline, and instantly upload the signed documents to their cloud storage accounts with Jotform’s many integrations with online storage providers. 

4. FileMaker Go

If you manage a lot of data or personnel, FileMaker Go is a great way to manage it all. Tasks like file layouts, searching through libraries of resources, capturing digital signatures, and charting data can all be done from one place.

5. Mint

Need to manage finances? Mint is an excellent tool for the money-conscious who always need to know what they’re spending, and where they’re spending it. Once you’ve created your account, you can easily categorize all transactions, and create trackable budgets.

6. Note Taker HD

This award-winning app is excellent for all the note-takers out there. Note Taker HD provides several different features like annotations, diagrams, doodling, and more that will make your note-taking experience more productive and maybe even fun!

7. SetApp

Not interested in getting a bunch of different apps? SetApp offers memberships for app collections, monitoring updates, and keeping you up to date with any new additions. With this program, you can learn and use tools like Paint for Mac to get back to producing the content you LOVE!

8. 1Password

Do you struggle with keeping up with all the different passwords you need to remember? 1Password offers the answer to this struggle by providing a secure storage space that only takes one password to unlock!

You should also try for easy and secure eSignatures

Keep This in Mind

While many of these apps have a free app to download, some of them will have paid subscriptions.
Before downloading, view the “In-App Purchases” to make sure that the required cost will fit into your budget.

Where To Start

When it comes to choosing the best productivity apps for iPad Pro, do your research to see if it’s the right fit for you. Every user has specific skills, needs, and interests, so read product descriptions and reviews thoroughly to see if it seems like the right fit for you.

It’s also helpful to scroll through provided screenshots to see if the aesthetic is pleasing to you. Ideally, a productivity app will be used often throughout your day, so it’s helpful that you enjoy the way it looks, in addition to how it performs.

The journey to the perfect app will ultimately come down to what you need help with throughout your day.

Consider starting a list of tasks you could use some help with, or that could be optimized digitally for you or your team today. Once you know what you need, you will quickly find your app soul mate!

The perfect productivity app is out there waiting for you, so go out there and find it!

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