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Website development has evolved due to the availability of APIs. There was a time when clients asked for features that demanded a lot from developers. It could take a long time before they could figure out how to develop such features. However, things have changed today due to APIs. With APIs, web developers can connect applications and share data between them. In this article, we are going to discuss some of the most useful APIs for web designers and developers.

1. Google Translate API

The Google Translate API is vital for developers working on a global application. You can use the Google Translate API in Java applications to enable users to use the application in their own language. The API does all the work for you, saving you from spending a lot of time writing complex code.

Google Translate API

2. Places API

This API has a directory of stores, local tourist attractions, and other sites in the world. Developers can access its database and use its information on their applications.

3. Feed API

Developers can use this API on their applications to allow their users to download any feed such as Atom, RSS, and others combine them as they wish. It uses JavaScript to combine the feed, avoiding complex coding for the developers.

4. Prediction API

Artificial intelligence has become very popular in recent years. Developers can use the Google Prediction API in their applications to analyze historic data and make predictions from the analysis.

5. Calendar API

The Calendar API allows developers to easily integrate the operations and tools of the Google Calendar into their applications. Users can view events on the applications without being authenticated while those that have been authenticated can access and edit events on their calendars.

6. Web Fonts API

Web Fonts API

Web designers can use the Web Fonts API to add free fonts to their websites easily without writing complex code. The APIs font database is huge and continues to grow to offer developers with many fonts to choose from.

7. Moderator API

The Moderator API allows developers to ask for recommendations on their applications from their audience. You can even ask them to answer questions and collect ideas from them on your applications.

8. Facebook APIs

There are a number of Facebook APIs on the developer’s section on Facebook. These APIs work with Credits, Chat, and ADS. Developers can implement the APIs on their applications to meet different requirements. The Graph API enables developers to read and write data on Facebook through their applications.

9. YouTube APIs

YouTube offers developers with two APIs, the Data API, and the Player API. The Player API allows developers to add an embedded YouTube player on their applications. The player can be customized with HTML or Flash. The Data API allows your applications to perform different tasks such as uploading videos and modifying playlists.

10. Neighborhood Information API

This API allows its users to access neighborhood data and integrate it easily into their applications. It is very important for developers to work with real estate applications.

11. Social Mention API

The Social Mention API gives one access to data from their social media networks that can be integrated into their applications. It is very important for developers who want to keep a close eye on their social network presence.

APIs have made work easier for developers today. However, they need to be very careful when choosing the APIs that work for them. Fortunately, the APIs discussed here are top-notch and will do everything that they are supposed to do.

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