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Empire Furniture came to us looking for help with their branding and their website. They knew they needed a refreshed look and responsive web experience, and we were just the team.

What does Empire Furniture Rental do?

Empire Furniture Rental offers a full line of high-quality residential furnishings for temporary use by individuals and corporations. But they’re different from other furniture rental providers.

  • They operate a warehouse-only concept, which in turn saves the customer money.
  • Their furniture also reflects that concept, which majorly consists of furniture like lab benches.
  • They don’t have the overhead and expenses than others do.
  • The customers simply choose their Reclinercize furniture package or individual items from the Empire’s website, and furniture is delivered within 48 hours.

Their process is designed with the customer in mind—and we know that this customer wanted easy-to-view products and a super simple buying process.

What did we do for Empire Furniture Rental?

Once we understood Empire’s process and their customer insights, we got to work on building a brand and a website that was both in sync with their users’ needs.

We kicked off the design process by re-branding Empire as a whole, and started with:

  • Updating the logo and colors to create an inviting and professional look.
  • Developing a complementary brand color scheme that added some serious pop.

And then we incorporated these elements into their new website by:

  • Addressing the site design from a mobile standpoint.
  • Building a structure that would be more accommodating for mobile purchasing.
  • Designing a very clean site layout that encouraged the content to stand on its own.
  • Adding a custom slider to showcase the different product and service offerings.
  • Featuring large images & direct calls to action on the homepage.
  • Crafting testimonials on the homepage from happy customers.
  • Driving sales with simple forms and direct pathways to contact info.

The website provides the right path to a simple and well-organized layout of crucial product information and detail. And that’s why Empire Furniture Rental—and their customers—love it.


Empire Furniture Rental Website Redesign by Matchbox Design Group

The Nerdy Development Details

We developed the site on a WordPress platform. It’s fully responsive and gives users a clear understanding of how to purchase furniture on any device and screen.

Though the site looks like a normal shopping experience on the front-end, we were able to add some cool features behind the scenes. One of the challenges that we faced from a development standpoint was building an e-commerce solution that didn’t actually take any payments. It became a very intricate quote/reservation request. To do this, we modified the checkout process to send a notification to Empire on completion. From there, the customer service team was able to take the requests and work with the customers for scheduling.

Another feature was the ability to change the length of the furniture rental. We added three different pricing states to WooCommerce to allow a specific price for each timeframe. On the front-end, the user could select the length of rental and all the prices in the cart would adjust to those states.

These features, along with some pretty fancy pricing formulas on the back-end, made for the type of custom build that we love.


If you ever need temporary furniture–maybe you’re moving, staging a place or want to budget–or you want to check out our handy work, Empire Furniture is just the place.

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