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No matter the industry, running a small business can be tough since just as you used an opportunity to turn your dream into reality, so have others and you can bet that no one will go down without a fight. That’s why design matters for small businesses.

However, having a lot of competition is not a reason to give up but to take a deeper look at your business and see if there’s room for improvement. There is no secret recipe – just hard work and continuously finding ways to stand out in the crowd. So, let’s see how design can contribute to your small business’s success.

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Your Brand Becomes More Memorable

When you close your eyes and think of some of the biggest brands out there, such as Coca Cola or Nike, what’s the first thing that pops to your mind? Well, for most people, it is Coca-Cola’s distinct logo font and Nike’s checkmark sign. They communicate a powerful message to people all around the world and just a glance is enough for a person from Ukraine or India to recognize the brand.

Good design gives your business a chance to be remembered and the best design lodges the logo or the colors somewhere deep inside your subconscious. Brands that are memorable build a wider customer base which means that investing time and effort to create a visual identity that reflects your brand’s essence is a wise choice. Also, don’t forget to consider your choice of the color palette because each color can carry a special meaning.

Your Content Is Easy To Understand

Your content is easy to understand.

There is a number of ways the design of different visual elements can contribute to content becoming more understandable. For instance, sometimes an image or an illustration next to a description of a process can make all the difference in grasping the idea behind it. For instance, besides a set of written instructions on how to make a payment, adding simple images of that process can help your customers understand more swiftly what they need to do.

However, if you have a longer piece of writing or a more complex message to convey, adding images next to a text will not make the writing more legible nor the readers more patient to finish reading it. For instance, instead of a long dreary text packed with stats about the influence of mobile technology on the gambling industry, Infostarters provided infographics that brought fun to the content that in itself needs to be fun, having in mind the industry it is intended for. With their unique combination of text and images, infographics tell a story in a simple yet effective manner.

It Makes The Website Less Complicated For Maneuvering

Good website design doesn’t mean that the website is ornate and colorful – from a visitor’s point of view, a well-designed website is first and foremost user-friendly. Too many details clutter the space and a potential customer visiting your website can easily get sidetracked by chaotic scenery on the page which will make anybody leave.

Not to mention that, if they cannot actually find what they were looking for, those potential customers will remain in the domain of ‘potential’ because there are probably other small businesses out there that are more direct and transparent (not in terms of colors, mind you). Modern-day customers’ attention span has significantly shortened, so if you didn’t provide them with a clear path to something, you shouldn’t be surprised with a high bounce rate. Also, the power that smartphones possess shouldn’t be disregarded and responsive design is an essential element to any small business’s success, especially for those in the e-commerce industry.

Your Products Increase Their Appeal

Most business owners see their products as their children and like many parents, they simply cannot see their flaws. Of course, the question of products’ quality is a wholly different notion but it often happens that great products are overlooked because of mediocre packaging design. Let’s face it, we are visual beings and if the package looks like it is stuck in the ‘90s, chances are that customers will form a similar opinion about the product.

So, authentic packaging design is a vital ingredient to excellent customer experience and even though most people are inclined to believe that coming up with a unique design has to be expensive, in reality, it doesn’t have to be so. Creativity lies in the mind and the most amazing design can be made of or printed on recycled paper instead of some expensive material.

Over To You

If you are pondering ways to make your small business more prominent so that you can attract more customers and increase the pace of your rise on the ladder of success, the design is a great place to start. From your website design to your packaging design, a great one is what will make your brand and products recognizable.

If you make your website navigation design simple yet attractive, you can expect a decrease in the bounce rate. In addition to that, if you make an effort to simplify complex notions by way of infographics and other visual elements, your sales will definitely spike. All things considered, it is safe to say that your small business can only profit from investing resources to create great design solutions. These are all reasons design matters for small businesses.