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eCommerce marketing might seem simple to someone who’s never done it before, but this is basically a giant puzzle you have to solve. One big piece of the puzzle that helps you stay ahead of the competition is using video in your eCommerce marketing campaign. Using video means that you’ll have a much easier time reaching your audience and that you’ll get to show off your originality in the process. If you really want to impress your users, you’ll definitely want to use these clever uses of video in eCommerce marketing.

1. Show People Using The Product

One way to sell more products is to have people in your videos using the product and getting the desired results from it. For example, the Solo Stove Campfire is a portable outdoor stove that’s great for backpackers and campers. The promo video the company made showed people how easy it was to use and how tasty the food you get from it is.

Another awesome example is the “Hot moves for the salsa addict” video series. It doesn’t show you how to do the moves, but instead, it shows you some patterns you’ll be able to do after you’ve finished watching the video. The instructor in the series is also very impressive, which gives him a lot of credibilities.

2. Entertain Your Audience

If there’s one thing people love, it’s entertainment. Using entertainment to your advantage means that your eCommerce videos will get shared and maybe even go viral.

There are plenty of amazing examples of entertaining videos, but the most famous one might be Blendtec’s “Will it Blend” series. The company had an amazing product but almost no one knew about it. So, they decided to make a video series where they would just test their blender by blending a lot of different things. They started with wood boards and this tested the durability of their product.

They only needed to make a minimal investment and it paid off immensely. After the wood, they moved on to blending items such as marbles, garden rakes, and a rotisserie chicken. This innovative campaign shows us the power of their product without directly advertising it. Instead, they’re entertaining the audience by proving their point.

3. Make Video Tutorials

Making a video tutorial for their eCommerce website.

Some products are too complicated to use for some people, which is why you can always make tutorials. Showing people how to use your products makes your products more valuable and your business more approachable. This is all because people understand the value of the product.

These videos are rather straightforward and they get to the point right away. This means they won’t be very long, as they are here for informative purposes only. The video should show the user all the options the product has, as well as how to use these options correctly.

Making tutorials will also give you fewer customer complaints and your call center won’t be burdened with simple and unnecessary calls. This also leads to much happier customers.

4. Hire A Professional

Hiring professional help is another great way of creating amazing videos. If you simply can’t be bothered or don’t know how to work the equipment, you can always hire someone to do it for you. In fact, this is a very popular practice all over the world, especially in places like Australia. As the method gives amazing results, it’s no wonder professional video production in Sydney is so popular.

Not only will you get higher-quality videos if you hire a professional, but you’ll also have time to focus on other things. Running an eCommerce business involves doing a lot of different things, so leaving the videos to a professional third party allows you to improve the overall quality of your business.

When working with a professional, make sure they get to know your business and that they understand the tone you want to use across your videos. They should understand your vision so that they’ll have no trouble implementing it into the video campaign.

5. Tell A Story Full Of Emotion

Without emotion, people won’t really connect to the story you’re trying to tell. The true mark of good storytelling and filmmaking is that it can arouse emotion in people. People often share emotional content, plus it’s an awesome way to create a brand image.

Studies have shown that women between the ages of 18 and 34 were twice as likely to like a brand if they showed empowering ads. As well as that, the same studies show that they are 80% more likely to react to the content positively. In other words, they’ll share, like, and comment on the ads after watching them.

Most big brands have had success with this method, especially when the topic was that of achieving one’s dreams. We can all empathize with a person having an obvious disadvantage in life but still coming up on top thanks to their iron will and hard work.


As you can see, having videos in eCommerce marketing campaigns doesn’t have to be hard to pull off. All you need is a little creativity and some elbow grease and you’ll be on top in no time. Your audience is bound to be impressed with your new devotion to making them happy and they’ll reward this devotion with more business. We’re confident you’ll have nothing but success if you take our advice and use these methods to your advantage.

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