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It’s no secret that this mobile web thing is taking off. If the analysts are right (Nucleus Research. TODO: find more sources), by the end of this year, mobile website visits will account for 50% of all web traffic. Different devices have different capabilities. Different connection speeds, processing power, and of course, different dimensions.

It’s simply not reasonable to expect everything that works on a desktop computer to work on a phone. Would you be satisfied with every other visitor to your website experiencing anything other than perfection?

We Build A Superior Responsive Site

Superior wasn’t! So we built them a responsive site that dynamically adjusts it’s layout and feature set to…wait for it…respond to the user’s device. Sound like magic? It is! So what does the responsive design look like? Check out the following screenshot, and go ahead and hover over it if you haven’t yet.

Superior’s website will alter itself to suit the needs of the device. Notice the navigation is transformed into an interactive sliding menu. It’s there when you need it and hidden when you don’t, saving valuable screen real estate. Elements are resized to maximize space while maintaining a comfortable experience. In addition to the visible transformations, there are many optimizations going on behind the scenes. Images are loaded more efficiently. CPU intensive features that aren’t absolutely necessary are disabled to keep the device running smoothly.

The list goes on of course, but don’t take my word for it. Go to on your phone or tablet and check it out for yourself!

Websites will look and function differently on different devices. It’s our job to make sure that the differences are intentional!

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