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If you’re wondering how to organize your WordPress blog, you should know about all the essential pages. A reader would expect your blog to be different as there are thousands of WordPress blogs online. You have an option of deciding a look or a theme with different page elements, but essential pages should stand out.

Essential pages are a set of specific pages that your readers will expect to find on your blog. Blog posts are posts that you update daily, but some pages are static. These pages will give your reader information about the kind of blog, contact page, and all your services. Every single page holds a different relevance on your website. We’ll help you understand how to organize your WordPress blog.

About Page

It’s the most visited page of your blog, so it’s important to make it persuasive. You need to add a few paras to introduce yourself, your services, or your team. Try mentioning the purpose of your blog along with your mission and target audience.

Most people want to know what happens behind the curtains and whose responsible for the content on the blog. Creating a quality About page matters a lot as it’s the first page that the reader will read on your blog. Being faceless is not a good idea if you want to build a brand online. The ‘About’ page helps to build trust among your audience.

Contact Page

Like the About page, the contact page is equally important. If you don’t have this page, you won’t exist online. All blog readers, business partners, advertisers, and influencers will need your contact information. It allows your readers to send you direct messages or gives them a medium to connect with you.

In short, it’s a place where you can leave your contact details. Some WordPress blog themes come with a contact form. You can add a contact form on your WordPress blog along with – professional email address, social media profiles, and location maps. The contact page enables two-way communication, so it’s essential for your blog.

Privacy Policy Page

The privacy policy page will inform the users about all the data you collect on your website. You need to mention how your site and other third-party apps will use the data. Even if you’re not collecting the data, the integrated third-party tools on your website may collect the cookie information.

For Ad-sense, it is mandatory to add a privacy policy page on the WordPress blog site. As it’s a legal page, it will reassure the visitors of the site that the data you collect or any other information about this is lawfully collected and will be stored by the site for a better experience.

Products Or Services Page

The purpose of the product page is to make your visitors familiar with your core business offerings. It is a page where you can list all your products and services in different sections. If you’re using an E-com platform like Woocomerce, it will automatically help you set up a product page on your blog.

You need to add the option to your navigation menu. If you’re selling products without using an E-com plugin, you will need to set up different product categories on the page. Under the parent page of your blog, try systematically listing all your products. The objective of the page is to persuade visitors to become customers.

Products Or Services Page

Disclaimer Page

If you’re planning to monetize your website, adding a disclaimer page is a must. You can add information about how you make money from your blog posts. Disclaimer pages also intend to protect the business from legal actions. It depends on the nature of the product and the services you’re selling on your blog website.

For a tangible product, you could use a notice of risk. It is important to limit your liability to intangible services and protect the copyright of your content. It is a common practice in the webspace of copying content and pasting it to another blog. You will be able to safeguard your website with a disclaimer page.

Write For Us Page

Most WordPress blogs offer guest posting opportunities for link building and other reasons. A write for us page or a guest post option informs the writers and users about acceptance of guest posts. If you’re looking for quality blog posts, listing the guidelines is essential.

If you create the page properly, you will attract creative writers who will ensure a regular flow of good quality content to your website. It’s one of the most important pages if you’re looking for expansion or earning some extra money. However, it is only relevant to write-ups and not otherwise. You don’t require the page for the E-com website.

Archive Page

A good archive page helps readers a lot especially if you deal with huge content. As a rule on the page, all your recent posts will feature on the top, and it will push down the older blog posts when you publish a new blog. To make your posts more accessible, you can add them to the archive page, as it helps visitors find all your old posts.

When you organize your posts in specific categories, it allows people to find content and topics with ease. It also helps to improve website SEO. If possible, add relevant tags along with the posts. Suppose a reader searches for the SEO content on the page, the content with SEO will be visible.

Advertising Page

Whether you are a blogger, writer, or you run your business, you shouldn’t skip this page. Most blogs rely on advertising pages to monetize the content. On this page, you will need to provide information about the available ad spots, average monthly views, and audience demographics. You can add the contact form option so that advertisers can directly contact you.

Use a WordPress ad management plugin that will help to display and manage all the ads on the website. One such plugin is AdSanity, as it allows the management of the ads whether they are third-party Ads or are self-hosted.

FAQ’s/ Start Here Page

FAQs help your readers to know more about your products or services. It caters to the most common questions that your readers could ask. If you compile an informative FAQ page, it reduces the bounce rate substantially.

Start here page introduces new users to the most useful content. With a heavy content load, a new user may become confused. It gives a clear idea about how they can benefit from your content and which resources they need to check out first.

Final Thoughts

If you’re a salesperson, you will be able to explain to people about your products or service. But if you have an online business, it may become difficult for you to explain. Here is when these essential pages come in handy. It’s useful to understand how to organize your WordPress blog and to have these valuable pages as they not only play an important role in online marketing but also help to do the talking part. These pages, alongside effective SEO, will help you to build rankings and increase visits.

A pretty theme is of no use if you don’t have the essential pages in place. You need to put the right effort and time into creating the pages that will leave an impact on your readers. A proper layout and interface also play an important part in the success of your WordPress blog.

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