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High Performance Cardio Equipment

Founded in 2001, Octane Fitness is dedicated to making high-end elliptical machines. Since their inception, the company has been developing new breakthroughs in workout technology that make their machines stand out from others in the industry. Aside from ellipticals, they also offer a wide range of rowers and bikes. Their mission is to create dynamic and high-performance cardio equipment that customers can rely on to fuel their lives.

Octane came to us in need of a brand and website refresh. Their current site was dated and needed restructuring. We provided them with an updated site map and design to better showcase their products, added more content, and utilized WooCommerce to help improve the user experience. We also made some major updates to product pages which helped present information more clearly, specifically in relation to product features and specs.


Health and Fitness

Colors, Design & Build

Our goal for the Octane Fitness website rebuild was to give their site a more modern and innovative feel to match their machines. Looking at everything from color and texture to photos and fonts, our team helped develop a new vision for the future of Octane.

Brand Colors

Octane Orange Hex: #f57e25
Octane Gold Hex: #fda100
Black Hex: #242429

Branding Elements

During the design process, there were a few important factors we needed to keep in mind. One of those being versatile brand elements that could be utilized outside of the website. The client wanted to be able to showcase new design elements and lifestyle messaging through social media, trade show banners, and print advertisements.


One of the most important contributions to the new look and feel is the introduction of Phonk, a powerful sans serif font that commands attention. We used this font for short but impactful messaging to better define areas certain of the site.


Texture was a new brand element that we introduced. The organic patterns we created helped add space and dimension without overwhelming the user with huge bursts of color. We also incorporated the O from the Octane logo into a few of the textures to reinforce the brand in a subtle but interesting way.


Eye-catching product images are a must have for eCommerce websites. The new images for the site better showcased product features and helped to create a more personal feel by featuring real people using the machines.

Octane Fitness Website Rebuild

Once the brand was updated and ready to go, we then transitioned into the development phase. We structured Octane’s new site in a way that would grab the user’s attention from the moment they landed on the home page and guide them seamlessly into the product pages and eventually to checkout. We also streamlined their utility pages, like support and service, to create a more cohesive look and feel.

Octane Fitness Website Rebuild Page Mockup

Dynamic Homepage

We introduce big, bold fonts and images at the top of the page to grab the user’s attention and showcase a few of their more popular products. We also include an in-page navigation feature for product categories that encourages the user to travel deeper into the site and explore all of Octane’s product offerings. We also added a few supporting content pieces such as a short company description, featured video and customer testimonials.

Octane Fitness Website Rebuild Product Page

Improved Product Pages

Using a familiar page structure at the top of a product page is key for conversions. Past this, customers are looking to be wowed by product functions and features. To do this, we leveraged interactive content pieces, eye-catching visuals and compelling lifestyle messaging.

Octane Fitness Website Rebuild Product Category Page

Simple & Clear Product Rolls

An effective product roll should be intuitive and easy to navigate. We decided to keep it simple with a product image, name and price. The goal was to only display key product information without making it feel over-the-top or obnoxiously flashy.

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