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If there’s one silver lining to the Coronavirus pandemic, it’s that it’s forced the digitization of the corporate and educational worlds. Today we are going to discuss some work productivity tools.

By all estimates, COVID-19 has sped up the adoption of digital technologies by several years. We’re here to help you and your team by giving you the top work productivity tools that will help your teamwork cohesively and reach your goals while remote.

More students than ever before are taking online classes. More employers than ever before have adopted the remote work business model.

But what happens when productivity in the workplace is lagging? When do you need to assess your employees and get a thorough understanding of their skills and expertise?

You can’t boost productivity and keep an eye on your employees’ progress and performance without the right online assessment software.

It can streamline the recruitment process, onboarding, employee training, compliance training. In addition, we can use assessment software in educational settings during midterms and exams.

Check out some of the most effective work productivity tools and take your pick to stay productive and improve performance.

ProProfs Online Assessment Software

ProProfs online assessment software is a complete solution that’ll allow you to perfect every aspect of your employee testing and training.

It’s feature-packed yet intuitive and user-friendly, making it ideal for new and experienced users alike.
Frequently boasted as the top online assessment tool, ProProfs allows for easy test creation, grading and reporting automation, cheating prevention, and quiz personalization.

You’ll get access to 100k+ pre-made assessments and ready-to-use question banks to make quiz creation an even more straightforward process.

If you prefer to create your own assessments, you can import your unique questions of any type with just a few clicks

ProProfs enables you to provide instant feedback, track performance, create personalized certificates, and much more. It’s a comprehensive solution that’s fully customizable to suit your brand. This is one of the most popular and effective work productivity tools.


ClassMarker is streamlined and easy to use. It has every functionality you may need for work productivity tools but boasts virtually no learning curve.

It requires no software downloads or installations as it’s entirely web-based – all you need to do is create your account and get started with it.

You can create a test of any kind with ClasMarker, whether you’re training your staff, assessing your students, or trying to generate leads with interactive social media quizzes.

Embed media to make your tests more engaging, customize exam branding, add hints and feedback, including time limits, and receive automated results and grades in real-time.

Business and productivity


CodeSignal is a unique online assessment tool as it’s designed specifically for testing coding and programming skills. Therefore, it’s best-suited for tech companies or IT departments.

It supports well over 70 different tools and programming languages, including JavaScript, Python, Swift, and Ruby, among many others.

You can take advantage of hundreds of pre-made assessments and adjust the test difficulty, ranging from easy to very hard. But, of course, you can also design your own tests with ease, as well.

One of the most exciting aspects of this online assessment software is that it allows for role-based testing.
You can simulate a real-life development environment where your learners or employees can display their real-world skills.

While it’s a highly specialized assessment tool, CodeSignal is exceptionally useful and could help you develop in-house talent that gives you a competitive edge.

Think Exam

Intuitive, interactive, and streamlined, Think Exam is one of the most popular exam creators on the market.
With smart subscriptions, an abundance of features, excellent customization options, and detailed analytics and reporting, this software has it all.

Creating custom tests is a breeze with Think Exam. You can add unlimited questions of any type, embed multimedia, develop authentic scoring sheets, and so much more.

Its cheating prevention system is virtually unbreakable. You’ll have the option to randomize and branch out questions to prevent your learners and employees from copying off of one another, limit the number of times a test taker can pause and resume their test, and even lock their browser during the exam.

Survey Anyplace

As its name would suggest, Survey Anyplace is designed primarily for creating interactive surveys and quizzes, making it excellent for gathering employee or even customer feedback.

However, it’s also useful as an assessment tool since it has many valuable features that enable you to test your employees’ skills and knowledge.

You can use it to create educational tests and quizzes, compliance assessments, knowledge and personality quizzes, and more.
The user can customize almost every aspect of the user’s tests, surveys, or quizzes to suit their unique needs.

Once your test-takers have completed the assessment, you can export their answers and download a personalized PDF report.

While it’s not the most advanced online assessment software, Survey Anyplace is a valuable tool that can simplify your employee testing and allow you to boost productivity in the workplace.


Established back in 2014, Pesofts has come a long way over the years. It offers excellent assessment solutions suitable for corporate and educational environments alike.

You can use it to create online and offline exams with ease. Start from scratch, develop your own questions and answers, customize the appearance, set time limits, and create speed exams.

AI-powered facial recognition feature prevents cheating and allows you to easily monitor all employees as they take tests from the comfort of their homes. Any test you create can be used as a passive income stream for your company, as you can use the Pesofts platform to sell your unique exams to others.

Test Invite

Test Invite is one of the best online assessment software solutions for those who want to avoid test-takers cheating during exams.

It has all the standard features that allow you to create tests and quizzes of any kind.

Within just a few clicks, you can customize your questions, embed media, and launch your test.
The ready-made question bank simplifies the process of quiz creation even further.

However, it’s the proctoring exam system that makes Test Invite unparalleled. You’ll have remote access monitoring and proctoring that allows you to see the test-takers webcam feed and their screen.

You can enforce full screen to prevent your employees from leaving the browser, opening a new tab, or accessing other apps.


Plum is a must-have online assessment tool for any company having trouble with the recruitment process. It can help you ensure that you find a hire who will fit in with your company culture and meet all your expectations. Plum boasts all the necessary features of an assessment tool – quiz creation, customization, personalization, plagiarism prevention.

Its unique selling point is that it has a vast collection of behavioral data points that will give you insight into personality types best suited for the roles you’re trying to fill. You can test your applicants’ skills and knowledge, but you can also assess their cognitive abilities, personality traits, and behavioral patterns. These insights will allow you to find the perfect hire.


Pymetrics is unlike any other online assessment software you’ve come across. It relies on artificial intelligence to ensure a level playing field for all your job applicants and test-takers.

It eliminates all the biases and provides you with complex data on the candidates who fit your job description and who can bring something new to your company. The best part is that all the applicants you reject can get matched with other companies using Pymetrics.

That means that skilled applicants which other companies reject can be matched with you, allowing you to hire the right talent for your company.


Mettl is a SaaS platform that has online assessment capabilities. It allows you to create tests and quizzes of any type – IT-based tests, aptitude tests, skills exams, even psychometric and behavioral assessments. It boasts a suite of proctoring tools that allow you to keep a watchful eye on your test-takers and prevent cheating and plagiarism.

You’ll find that Mettl has a steeper learning curve than most similar software solutions, but once you’ve mastered it, you’ll see its charms.

Final Thoughts

Work productivity tools can give your company a competitive edge and help you boost productivity and morale. With the right tool, you’ll streamline critical HR processes such as recruiting, onboarding, and ongoing employee training, and you’ll set your company on a path to success.

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