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An effective press release is a pivotal first step in building a relationship with the public as well as potential customers. These can be announcements surrounding your new tech startup, a new product, or any big transitional move within your current company. Below are some suggestions on how to write a press release for a business in other words tips on writing the perfect press release.

Keeping the public aware of the developments within your business does more than establish credibility, it also inspires word of mouth coverage on all of the decisions and changes you are making over time. Consistent press releases mean further publicity and potential eyes on your business. But to inspire word of mouth among writers and journalists, you need to make sure that your press release stands out from the crowd.

Below we will cover three of the most important qualities your press release should consider, and how to communicate your announcement professionally and intriguingly effectively.

The Art Of Writing The Perfect Press Release

A Snappy Headline And Introduction

Having a deliberate and robust headline and opening paragraph will make or break the success of your announcement. Grabbing the attention of the reader, and then retaining them throughout your press release is a difficult task. Starting with an exciting phrase is especially important if you are looking for media reporting, relying on captivating journalists and writers alike to garner their coverage of your announcement.

Always be direct and frank with the information from the get-go. If you have a flashy enough headline, you’ll want to make sure not to scare off the reader by dancing around the announcement in your introduction. Highlighting all of the essential points in a few short sentences, and then expanding later on, will leave them informed but not bored.

Including The Right Information

Because your primary audience includes writers and professionals who are looking to share your information, avoiding fluff is imperative to inspiring their redistribution of your announcement. Because they are well versed in expanding through their writing, you should pack your press release with information on which they can elaborate.

Including sales numbers, tech specifications, recent investments, or any other specific information will give writers the materials upon which to expand. You can also include direct quotes from the CEO or department heads, giving direct sources for writers to potentially implement in their coverage. Including quotes can also act to personalize your message, making your press release more relatable.

Although you should keep your release short and to the point (of which we will mention below), this doesn’t mean you can’t provide extra materials outside of the release itself. Providing links to your company’s website, social media, or any other required information to report on your business is vital. You do not want journalists to be left blindly filling in the blanks; this can lead to ignorant reporting, or avoiding your press release altogether. Always give journalists more than enough information to correctly report on your announcement, ensuring you get the most accurate and widespread coverage.

Finally, you should always include your contact information within the press release. If reporters are looking for more information, or are merely looking for a direct comment from the company itself, not having a method of contact can end up shooting you in the foot in the long run. An e-mail address or phone number should always be included in an easy to spot a section of your press release.

Keep It Short And Simple

Keep It Short And Simple

As we mentioned above, getting straight to the facts is vital in garnering as many captivated eyes as possible. It is also true that being as brief as possible maximizes when it comes to brevity with your press release. The release itself shouldn’t be more than one or two pages in length. Keeping everything short and to the point will ensure prospective readers won’t wander before you are able to get across the entirety of your message.

Keep in mind what you are trying to accomplish with your press release. Present as much short-form information as possible, provide journalists the ability to expand and research and finally give them a way to reach out if necessary. Anything more will be superfluous, so keeping everything short and sweet should be your goal.

Final Tips

Putting together an effective press release should target two main audiences. You are targeting potential customers directly, but your main focus should be reaching those who can share your announcement. With an effective distribution of information, television, radio, and print interviews can come as a result. Also, short written pieces on the web or in print will be a solid foundation in gaining traction for your business.

Journalists and reporters should always be your primary audience, adjusting the content of your press release to cater to their sensibilities. As long as you keep your release short and packed with information, word of mouth will remain one of your most significant assets.

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