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Despite mega-brands like Apple and McDonalds having vague slogans that do a great job of explaining the emotion they want their brand to be associated with, it doesn’t mean your company should do the same. Vague slogans for new companies and beginners websites might leave potential customers confused about what your brand is about and what you can offer them. In today’s digital age you need to create a perfect slogan for your website.

If your business is not yet achieving million-dollar sales, you are going to want to come up with a tagline that is more descriptive than aspirational. But once you reach million-dollar sales, then you can go with the aspirational taglines. Until then, the handy guide below will help you through the process of coming up with a perfect slogan for your website.

Purpose Of A Slogan

There are three main things that need to be included in your slogan. These are the things that make up your business identity – your purpose, your brand, and your promise.

Your purpose is the reason for your business, why you started it in the first place. Your brand is the image you would like to project to customers. Your promise is what you offer to clients, are you efficient or dedicated to customer service?

Before crafting your slogan you need to consider all of this so that when you create your slogan, you know it accurately reflects your business. While a slogan isn’t meant to create sales for businesses, it’s meant to grab attention.

So making sure you have a tagline that reflects your business will encourage clients to feel comfortable with your business when they do further research on it because you haven’t deceived them.

Make sure you know the purpose, brand, and promise of your business before working on your slogan.

The Slogan Creation Process

A slogan "believe in yourself" is part of the slogan creation process.

Once you have your purpose, brand, and promise down, you can get on with developing ideas for your slogan.

The first step is to get your business identity down on paper (or on a computer screen). Writing a paragraph that sums up your website and what you can offer visitors goes a long way in helping you get to the point of it all. You are answering the question, “What does my website stand for, and why should people visit it?”.

Once you’ve managed to get your paragraph together, you are going to edit it down to a long sentence, about 20 words. Doing this will help you further understand what your business is about, just in a more concise manner.

You have to be clear; you don’t have to be clever. People’s attention spans these days tend to be rather short, so condensing your paragraph into a 20-word sentence will really help you in the next step.

The next step is likely to be the hardest, and it is further condensing your 20-word sentence down into a short and succinct statement. This can be your tagline or serve as a base of what it must convey. If you own a blog that promotes holidays for burnt-out moms, your tagline could be. “Refreshing breaks for exhausted moms”.

It needs to sum up your business in as few as words as possible, while also staying true to the message you want to send to your website visitors.

It’s a great idea to research your competition, to see what works for them, or learn from the best in their fields. Look at the voice and tone of Mailchimp or the branding guidelines for Spotify. Their distinct persona might help you figure out what you want your slogan to say.

Tips For Slogan Creation

These robots need tips for slogan creation on their banner.

It’s very hard to go from a paragraph about your business to a 10-word artistic statement that speaks for your business. So I have included some tips below that will help you through the process.

1. Play Around With Slogan Generators

If you’re still having trouble with coming up with slogans, online slogan generators are great. They come up with ideas that you can play around with and adjust to your liking.

Slogan generators like Zyro make it so much easier to come up with ideas, especially for those of us that may be lacking a creative bone and are stuck coming up with ideas.

2. Consider Your Market

Consider your market, the people you are trying to attract to visit your websites? How old are they? Where do they live? What do they enjoy? What use is your website for them? Consider making a customer persona to help you out.

If you’re able to come up with answers to these and similar questions, you can consider that in your word choice and framing of your slogan. If you are a website that sells mobility products, you will frame your business differently from how an online music store would. So consider who you are trying to attract, when you are going through the slogan creation process.

3. What Makes You Special

This blank board will help you create a perfect slogan for your website.

Think about why your business stands out from all the rest. What makes it unique. Slogans have to attract interest in your business, so having a slogan that says “Computer Builder Extraordinaire” only tells you a bit of what you need to know about the business – it builds computers.

But if a business had the slogan “Computer Builds for the gamer in you”, that makes you different from other computer builders. It tells the visitor that you build computers you can play games on, which is more marketing-friendly.

The process of building gaming computers is a much more involved process as most are custom built with hardware designed to provide the power and graphics needed. So making sure your slogan accurately reflects what makes you unique or special will mean more attention-grabbing.

4. Consistency Is Key

The message you are trying to sell in your slogan needs to be consistent with your branding across your business. Having a slogan and branding for your website, and a completely different one for your in-store business will mean your customers will be confused. This will result in them not using your services or buying your product. Consistency is key because a consistent message brings surety to client’s and customer’s minds. Again, take the chance to take inspiration from branding guidelines offered by major companies like Uber.

5. Be Creative And Ask Others

Slogans need to give an image of a business in such a small space, that it’s hard to let your creative juices fly. But for your slogan to be attention-grabbing and stand out from the rest, you need to get a little creative with its wording.

On another note, don’t just come up with your slogan alone. Ask others for their input. Ask them what they think makes the business special, and what they believe it offers. If you solely go through the slogan creation process alone, you’re going to have a slogan that makes sense to you, but one that will very likely not make any sense to anyone else. So come up with a couple of slogans, and ask your customers, staff, and family, and friends whether they capture your business.


Creating a great slogan doesn’t have to take months of exhausting A/B testing and hour-long brainstorming sessions if you know the essential practices to follow. We hope this article puts you on the right track to coming up with an attractive and memorable tagline for your website.


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