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As business owners, we always look for ways to improve the results of our business. The internet can help us explore some additional methods to get more and more customers. One of these methods that we can try is local SEO implementation.

Local SEO itself is an SEO discipline that focuses on getting the webpage of a business to the top of the search results for local queries that are related to that business. If we practice it right, local SEO can become an important activity that makes sure our business gets the results we want from it.

Why can local SEO become important like that for our business? To answer that question, let’s take a look at these 8 simple reasons below that can motivate you to implement local SEO properly in your business.

1. It Can Influence The Buying Decision Of Your Customers Significantly

According to BrightLocal’s 2020 Customer Review Survey, most people (93%) search online to find a local business. Moreover, more than 60% of them half the time or more end up visiting the local business they find during their online search.

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What does it mean? It means the local business information they find when they use the search engine can influence which local business they buy the product/service they want from. And if the information they find is positive information about your business, they will likely try your business offerings instead of the others.

The opportunity to showcase your products/services to the customers who search for them online is helped significantly if the web page that does that ranks high in the search results. With excellent local SEO, you should be able to do that and get the searchers to know more about your business.

2. It Can Control Touch Points In The Customer Journey

From their interest to purchase something until they finally do the purchase, people can go through many touch points with a business. As many people do daily online searches currently, search engines have become the place where those touch points can happen.

If we can have a strong presence in the online search results related to our business, we should be able to control our search engine touch points with potential customers better. We can give them the information they need about our products/services and guide them until they find the best solution for their needs.

With local SEO, we can establish ourselves in the search engines through our website pages, Google My Business Page, or even website pages from other parties that partner with us. If we can make them prominent in the search results, those pages should become excellent touch points with our customers.

3. It Can Convey Essential Information To Your Customers

If we are offline business owners, we may want to inform customers about our opening hours, offering types, prices, etc. On special occasions, we may also want to also inform them about our events, special discounts, and other things that we hope can boost our sales. Local SEO can be one of the media where we can convey that information to many people.

Our Google My Business page is a place that can collect all essential information about our business and give it to people who do local searches for related information. Just input all the information on our page and boost the page presence through local SEO so people can find it. We may also want to optimize our website too so we can convey other information that might be harder to convey through the Google My Business page.

4. It Can Get Customers To Contact And Interact With You Directly

Many potential customers may want to ask a business directly about the things they do not know or probably request some personal customizations for a product or local service. If they cannot find a way to contact the business, they may decide to abandon their intention to do a transaction.

If you do local SEO, people should be able to directly contact and interact with you easier. On your Google My Business Page, there are buttons that people can use to call, visit your website, or see directions to your business location. You just need to make sure you have filled in all the contact information you have on your Google My Business Page.

Doing local SEO should help customers get what they need from your business offerings through their interaction with you. You may even get some of your most valuable customers because of the interaction.

Concept of interacting with customers.

5. It Can Make You Understand Your Competitive Landscape Better

As you try to optimize your business pages through local SEO, you should observe the results that often rank high in queries related to your business. They are probably your competitors who try to rank locally for the same keywords that you target.

Those competitors probably have something great that you don’t do in terms of their SEO or business as a whole. They may have ranked for the keywords you haven’t targeted yet, got different quality backlinks, etc. As businesses, they may have offerings with pluses you haven’t thought to implement yet on your business. You might be able to see all of the information through the pages they optimize in the search engines.

By doing local SEO, you will know better who your competitors are and what they do for their businesses. The information you get can be crucial for improving your business even further so it can become much more attractive to your customers.

6. It Can Let You Know What Your Customers Want

People can share their feedback about a business through Google My Business, review websites, and a business website. They may give positive reviews or negative critics about something they don’t like related to the product/service of the business. If your local SEO is successful, your business pages can come to the top of the search results and it should become much easier to collect feedback from your customers.

Some of the feedback may contain valuable information about things you need to improve on your current offerings. Some others may even inspire you to create new kinds of products/services that many of your customers find attractive. You might never get feedback unless you do proper local SEO for your business.

You may also want to survey to know what your customers want and it can be helped significantly through excellent local SEO. If your website gets much organic traffic and it collects customer contacts through a form, you can just send the survey through those contacts. As people who submit the form are most likely interested in your business, you should be able to get the survey responses you need easier.

7. It Can Help You Identify Your Loyal Customers

People who are very satisfied with their experience when they use your product/service and endorse you voluntarily through positive reviews are potential loyal customers for your business. You can identify them through the reviews you get from your business pages made visible by search engines.

As loyal customers, you may want to give them special treatment so they become more eager to buy your product/service, endorse your business, and support what you do. Holding events to gather them, give them perks, or ask them to try your new products are some ways to do that.

Toys next to a sign saying "Customer Relationship Management".

Loyal customers are valuable to every business and they should be appreciated. By knowing who they are through the support of your local SEO, you should be able to do the appreciation thing much easier and keep the support from your loyal customers.

8. It Can Improve Your Brand Awareness

Local SEO helps you to become much more visible when people do a local search with queries related to your business. Even if they don’t buy your product/service, they can become more aware of your business brand by seeing or visiting your business pages from the search results. As a result, your brand awareness should improve through your local SEO effort.

A high level of brand awareness is important as many people prefer to buy a product with a brand name that they know. By making effort to make sure your brand is known by potential customers, you can improve the chance that they will try your product/service. Local SEO can help you with this significantly by improving your brand awareness through search engines.


Local SEO can be important for your business results because it can give you many advantages. It can make you much more visible in the local search results related to your business, making potential customers choose you instead of your competitors.

As many people do online searches these days, the ability to do good local SEO has become more crucial for the success of a business. Implement local SEO for your business if you haven’t and keep trying to rank high on the right keywords. You should be able to improve the state of your business by doing that.

The Author’s Name is: Dan Brunell is a person who has a passion for technology and SEO. He is the founder of Innovation Infinite, a website that discusses all things about technology.

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