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Being a digital strategist at a local marketing company in St. Louis I am asked several times a day…. Can I get some help with a blog I’m writing? The top 5 questions I seem to get are right here and I hope my answers to my coworkers’ questions can help you all make writing your blog easier.

Co-Workers Questions About Writing Your Blog Easier

  1. What should I blog about?
  2. How long should my blog be?
  3. Do I need to tell a story?
  4. What audience should I write to?
  5. Will we put this on social media?

Of course, I always have different answers depending on who is asking the question, but my answers are usually pretty similar. In my head, the questions seem like they have easy answers. I guess they seem so common because I am asked so many times. But, I do realize most people don’t blog, they don’t write a lot, they don’t even keep a journal. It also comes to putting yourself out there.

I take my time and give myself time to think about their questions so I can actually give them a thoughtful answer. Also, depending on what department they are from, I might fine-tune the answers just a bit each time. As we all know marketing is ever-changing and we should include as many channels that make sense. Search for a new website, which will prompt innovative approaches to digital marketing.

My Answers to the Blogging Questions:

1.What should I blog about?

This is one that I usually give a little bit of thought to. It depends on if I am being asked by a graphic designer, project manager or someone on the Dev team. Even though I give it a bit of thought my answer always uses the words “write what you know about”. Of course you can do research and include it, but usually, they are writing about new stuff in the industry that they like or a new project completed. Sometimes they are even writing about tips and tricks. I tell them to make sure their information is accurate, unless it’s all opinion, and they should be fine. The blog will be edited and optimized before it’s posted anyway.

2. How long Should My Blog Be?

This one is a slippery slope and I’m not sure anyone actually knows for sure. I think if the blog is quality content and they can get it out in 300 words then go for it. Personally, I would rather see a blog between about 1,500 and 2,500 words broken up with pictures or graphs. If they can meet either of those standards then I will be happy.

3.  Do I Need To Tell A Story?

The quick answer is no. I mean who can always tell a story, especially if they are talking about the database that crashed in the middle of development and forced the whole project to collapse. (Actually, that might be a good story) of sound really dramatic, but if they can’t tell a story it will not be the end of the world. Again, not everyone is going to be a storyteller. Google wants to see new, informative, original content.

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4. What Audience Should I Write To? 

I always tell them to write something that they would read. If it’s about a super creative graphic we developed then the blog might be a bit more exciting than a web dev blog. But, that’s only for me. There could be Web Dev people who think the blog on that topic is great and that other creative logo graphic stuff is like watching paint dry. So write for yourself.

5. Will We Put This On Social Media?

Absolutely we will put your blog on social media. In fact, we will put it on every form of social media we can find. We also expect you to put it on your social media channels along with the rest of the company. If you haven’t been sharing other people’s blogs, GO GET TO WORK!

In the end, your blog is your blog, you can write it how you want. Just remember you are writing it for your company which means it should be professional. It’s always going to be on the web, so it could be part of your future resume. On top of the 5 answers to those questions, try to think about those little things that might affect you later. Oh and have fun!

Thank you and if you can let me know if or when you will or won’t be using it that would be awesome. Have a good one.

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