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Today we are going to discuss 4 Mistakes To Avoid While Appointing NodeJS Developers. The tech world is evolving, so new frameworks and languages are added daily to the list. There are some stars that shine from the truly long list, just like Node.js.

Node.js has earned passive popularity on the web because of its back-end to front-end abilities. With the digital revolution, entrepreneurs in every sector are now motivated to create their online platforms. Therefore, the demand for Node.js is much higher compared to other javascript frameworks. Thus, finding a Node.js developer in such a competitive market is not an easy job.

If you are also an entrepreneur willing to develop an application with Node.js, then you must appoint the perfect programmer to accomplish the task. The fact is that we all make mistakes while appointing developers. Do not worry; the belove checklist will make your task trouble-free. Here we will discuss the four mistakes everyone should avoid while recruiting a Node.js developer.

What Is Special About Node.js?

Node.js is an open-source, cross-platform JavaScript runtime environment for creating server-side and network applications. It is based on the Chrome V8 JavaScript engine and allows developers to build network and server applications with JavaScript. And one of the main reasons behind the popularity of Node.js is it uses JavaScript as the primary language to develop the web-based application. JavaScript is the most preferred language for developers, which creates massive popularity of Node.js among programmers.

Person Coding And Avoiding These 4 Mistakes To Avoid While Appointing NodeJS Developers.

Node.js allows developers to write JavaScript code that can run on the server side, which helps developers create more efficient web-based applications with fewer resources. Node.js gives the ability to build flexible apps that runs smoothly on diverse platforms like Linux, mac OS or windows. So the trauma of apps not running on a different platform is overcome, all thanks to Node.js. As per the W3techs reports, some popular big names in the industry, like Netflix, Spotify, Fewer, Twitter, and Adobe are using Node.js, which again proves the quality performance of Node.js.

Top 4 Mistakes To Avoid While Appointing NodeJS Developers

As human beings, we tend to make mistakes often. But if you wish to make a desired platform for your business, choose the candidate that perfectly matches your requirements. Here is the list of mistakes you should avoid while appointing the programmer.

Failed To Analysis Portfolio

Here is the first and foremost mistake we all make during the hiring process. Many employers indeed avoid taking a glimpse at the developer’s portfolio while hiring. Who is to blame if the candidate has not given the desired result? It’s necessary to check the developer’s portfolio first so you can make sure his/her qualification details, necessary skills, and previously completed projects. You can also cross-check the details given by the employee to ensure all the details mentioned in the profile are valid.

Ignoring Skill Testing

If you miss the skill testing, you are going to miss a lot of things. Before hiring the developer, it becomes essential to check if the developer has the skills required to accomplish your project. So you can conduct a technical test for the candidate to examine how much knowledge he has of the Node.js frameworks. So next time you hire Nodejs developer from your technology partner must check on his technical skills.

Neglecting Security Factors

Security concerns remain the pain point on every scalable app platform. Hence many of us always forget to check the security criteria of developers. While Node.js is not characteristically risky, it does provide security protocols. While appointing the developer for your project must include security questions so you can ensure he is well concerned regarding security.

Only Hiring Cheap Developers

Stop running behind the cheap developers. If you want to get a qualitative result, then stop fearing the budget. Finding a candidate with low prices will only give you results full of glitches and errors. In fact, in the long run, it will cost you more since you have to spend on maintenance and all. Therefore it is advisable not to compromise the quality. So totally avoid making the mistake of only hiring cheap developers.

Programmer coding website.

What To Look For In Node.js Developers?

Now you know the mistakes to avoid during the hiring, let’s consider some factors to check while appointing the Node.js programmer.

Familiar With Front-End Development

Node.js is used on both sides, the back-end and the front-end of development. So many programmers working in the field are limited to the back end only. Front-end technologies are used for the design and formation of the software, which is mainly user interference. So the programmer should be knowledgeable with front-end technology as well to build a user-friendly platform. The knowledge of front-end should be considered when hiring a Node.js programmer for your project.

Understanding Of Frameworks

As we discussed before, the huge popularity of Node.js is because of its multi-faceted frameworks. As per Statista 2022, Node.js became the most used framework among developers by overtaking React.js. Around 47.12% of respondents worldwide committed to using Node.js. So when looking for a Node.js developer, it is essential to check if he is aware of Node.js frameworks – Express. Including Koa.js, Hapi, and Total.js, which help to extend basic functionalities. Also, check if the candidate is familiar with other cutting-edge frameworks like Angular.js, Blaze, React, etc.

Efficient Code Writing Skills

It is common for some developers to write code in a way that is only legible for them. Which creates difficulty for team members to understand such codes. So select the candidate who can write clear, reusable, and efficient code to maintain the high performance of the apps. The developer must follow the industry’s best practices and should be able to create code effectively, which will help to gain the project’s success.

Woman Writing Computer Code.

Knowledge In Database

Here is another quality to examine when assigning the Node.js developer. The experienced developer knows how to utilize databases and should be able to integrate them if required. The Foremost thing is a programmer should be able to handle the security of the database at all times. Therefore the skill of database management must be considered to find the perfect match.

Familiar With Testing

If you are finding a well-skilled Node.js developer, then here is the crucial factor to check. It is essential to check if the developer has the expertise and experience in test-driven software. He/she should also be able to handle immediate bugs and errors. Immediate error handling and testing skills are essential for the success and long-term growth of the project.

Non-Technological Skills

Technical skills are a must, but it is also essential to check the non-technical skills of developers. Such as the programmer should be able to communicate effectively and must be a team player. The developer must have time management skills to accomplish the task before deadlines. As we know, technology is evolving every day; therefore, programmers should follow the latest trends to keep up with the market. In the end, you should check his overall performance, which will give you a clear idea of whether he/she is the right match for your project.

The Bottom Line

There is enormous demand for building a platform by using Node.js among entrepreneurs and programmers. Node.js is a truly considerable and tough job at the same time, so the success of your project depends on the right talent. We hope this guide assists you in finding a suitable Node.js developer for your requirements.

We hope that after reading our post about 4 Mistakes To Avoid While Appointing NodeJS Developers you will have a better understanding of the topic.

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