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A New Global Hub For A Global Organization.

Balchem began in 1967 with a group of entrepreneurs, investors, and Dr. Leslie Balassa. They have grown to over 1,400 employees and in countries all over the world. Their business is incredibly diverse but in a nutshell focuses on products for human, plant, and animal health and nutrition. Their offerings can range from food ingredients and flavorings to sterilization products used in the medical industry.

Putting together a website for a company like this required meetings with stakeholders from Belgium to Bali and a whole lot of learning our team’s part. The end result is a website that does bring together this fascinating, growing, and constantly evolving company.



Colors & Typography

Balchem had been recently rebranded before we took on the project so we used the updated color palette for the organization and added some monochromatic accents to complement the main colors.

As for type, we used SF Pro and Roboto as clean, legible, sans-serif fonts to help convey all the complex information throughout the site.

Brand Colors

Hex: #0d1b2b
Hex: #044f7c
Hex: #608eb4
Hex: #95c3dd
Hex: #ebf0f5


The image shows off the typography used in Balchem and indicates the font used is SF Pro Display

Big Goals: Unifying A Global Company

Balchem is a fascinating global organization that specializes in human, plant, and animal health and nutrition. They also leverage the nutrient choline throughout all of their segments as well as industrial applications. In order to help people isolate their needs, we had to construct distinct content verticals for users to hone in and reach out.

28 Websites

Balchem had made quite a few strategic acquisitions in years prior and in total had amassed 28 individual websites that needed their content migrated to this new platform. This included global TLDs, 4 different CMS platforms and other connected systems that needed to be consolidated.

Migrating Content

A large part of the process was pruning content from the old sites while keeping key information and integrating into a new company voice. The entire site structure was migrated into Google Docs, manicured, refined and placed into the new website.

WordPress Multisite

For the benefit of content structure, segmentation, and access we architected the solution using the power of WordPress multisite. With custom elements to pull in global menu systems and other components, the site appears seamless to the front end user.

Bold Statements And Clean Layouts

There is plenty of hierarchy within the Balchem website and content. While the overall goal was to unify the company under one roof, we still needed to keep each segment clear and organized because of their dramatically different customer bases.

Our choice for a multi-tiered mega menu was driven by the need to quickly navigate deep in to the site. This feature as well as clear, in-page nav cards were the fundamental elements of the content funnels guiding users to connect with Balchem about their needs.

Mobile Experience

Bold contrasting colors were a visual choice to keep the site content engaging, especially as it applies to mobile. We’re always cognizant about color contrast as it is crucially important for web accessibility reasons.

Traffic assessment from Google Analytics review help us to make key decisions about the placement of content and buttons, key pages and fixing drop off points.