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Get To Know Luna Better

Luna Barber was born in Columbia, MO, raised in Buffalo, MO, and spent her summers in Eagle River, Alaska with her mother. She went to Missouri State University where she received an individualized Bachelor’s in Japanese Language and TESOL with a minor in Asian History and Religion.

Luna got to where she is today with lots of support and love! She used to code in middle/high school (although at the time she was too young to know she was coding) on her mother’s old ACER laptop using Dreamweaver building fan sites, and Neopets Guild Layouts. In adulthood, Luna shifted to more of an arts focus, specifically traditional art techniques and languages. She pursued those interests in college where she studied in Japan on a scholarship in 2014/15.

She wanted to translate or work for a bilingual company such as Kinokuniya and was working a few odd jobs while she geared up to take more language classes in preparation. Unfortunately, it was at this time that the pandemic hit. Luna found herself with more time on her hands and figured it would be a good time to pick up a new skill. This is when she came across free coding tutorials via FreeCodeCamp, Code Academy, and Treehouse. Luna didn’t start job hunting until a year had gone by and she felt that she had enough front-end skills to get her foot in the door somewhere – and lucky for us that door was Matchbox!

Luna is a part of our development and support teams. She supports clients when they come across issues on their websites and often assists our dev team with complicated technical tasks. Her favorite thing about her role is the amount of meaningful human interaction that she takes part in. Good support, customer service, and being part of a team only works if you have this ingredient!

Luna likes to start the day with a good cup of coffee, some lo-fi/indie music, and a team stand-up. She’ll then update the status of support tasks and check to see if anything new may have popped up overnight that needs immediate action. Then the rest of her time throughout the day is spent addressing support issues, helping clients, and collaborating with her team.

“The thing I like most about working at Matchbox is the team collaboration and acceptance of my LGBT identity. From day one I never questioned whether or not I would learn new things and feel supported to be my authentic self on the team. This has continued throughout any changes that life has thrown my way. I love that when it’s time to work, we work and when it’s time to relax, we are given the space to do that.”

– Luna Barber
Luna Barber's tiny home in the construction process
Luna Barber in front of an international building
Luna Barber's pet dog looking out of a green tent

five Questions with Luna Barber.

  1. Describe Yourself In 3 Words.

    “Determined, traveler, dork”

  2. What Do You Do In Your Spare Time?

    “Knit/Crochet, play video games, take care of my 3 pets, and enjoy the outdoors. Right now lots of spare time is spent building my tiny home!”

  3. Do You Have Any Special Talents?

    “Having a million different hobbies, so much so that I can never decide which one to focus on.”

  4. What’s The Coolest Place You’ve Ever Visited?

    “Hands down 白川郷, Shirakawagō in Japan. I’ll let you Google it to see why ;)”

  5. What's Something Awesome About You That No One Else Knows?

    “I am learning a second language! Japanese is one of those languages that not a lot of people study for a long duration here in the U.S. But my personal goal is to pass the JLPT N1 exam before I’m 100 years old! I’m not great yet, but I’m ok.”