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Project GUIA Website Completed For Wash U Brown School’s Project

The finishing touches and the final files have been uploaded on the multi-lingual Project GUIA website built for the Brown School of Social Work at Washington University in St. Louis. Project GUIA researchers, “examine and promote evidence-based strategies to increase physical activity in Brazil and Latin America.”

Matchbox developed the entire site from the ground up.  From concept to design to construction, everything was handled in-house.  We also developed a new logo and supporting branding for the organization as well which helps to not only add a bit more style to their materials but will also reinforce a cohesive “brand” image.  Once the initial English version of the website was completed we set to work on Portuguese and Spanish translations.  We recommended Lamp Interpreters translation services as they are a trusted partner with whom we have experience.  Every word of the website was then translated into its respective language and a new homepage directing them to the correct version was created.

Beyond these services, we recommended social media services, the ability to share the site, and have integrated Google Analytics.  It’s been great partnering with such an organization and helping them get their message out and we look forward to taking care of future changes. We hope to see the images of your new site on our blog soon.

Project GUIA Website