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Social media is an excellent tool for your business’ marketing strategies. It’s a way to reach your audience, and your teams can utilize the various platform features to help drive value and brand awareness to develop long-term customers.

Besides knowing the right channels to hone in on for your campaigns, innovativeness is the key to ensuring success with your social media strategy. One of the most significant issues that businesses engage in with social media is going into it without an actual plan in place. 

While your business may understand it’s necessary to be present on social media, your marketing campaigns may fall flat because they don’t know what strategies to utilize that will effectively draw in prospects across channels. You must take the time to create a plan that connects with your audience and draws them to click a link or go to your website.

Your social media strategies must correlate to your brand, and you must set reachable, realistic goals for progress. Here are some helpful and innovative social media strategies and predictions for 2024.

Social Media Trend Predictions

Knowing what is trending is a necessary aspect of your social media strategy and can help shape upcoming promotions and campaigns for products or services. Social media platforms, including Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, and more, are constantly growing and changing, and your business needs to keep up with the emerging fads and popular trends with specific platforms.

Here are some growing trends that will continue to make their mark.

1. Video Reels

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For example, reels have made their mark in 2023, and they continue to be one of the most engaging forms of content for the new year. Short-form videos are easy for consumers to digest and understand, and as long as you develop ones that provide value and solve a problem, they will work in your favor.

Instagram is one of the top social media channels utilized by brands. The app favors reels and promotes this method of showcasing content. Another trend to use within reels is viral audio – clips that have been used, and you’re hearing in multiple videos all over. It will help increase your brand videos’ chance of getting clicks.

2. User-Generated Content (UGC)

Everyday people love to get their recommendations from other everyday people. That’s why UGC is so popular; the new generation is used to documenting and journaling their lives via video, which includes posting and providing reviews on products and services for brands.

Sharing opinions once trying something out can go a long way to help boost brand awareness. Consider investing in a UGC creator to help grow your community and engagement. The prediction is that it will have more impact than high-production content.

3. SEO Instead Of Hashtags

The hashtag has had its place in social media. It can be helpful to boost visibility when you know that your ideal users are searching for a specific word or combination of terms. However, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) will ensure that consumers discover your posts and sites.

Why is this? Social media activation is successful when your prospects click through to a website through a promotion or post. People tend to use their social media as more of a search engine and less of a browsing tool. Therefore, the importance of SEO trumps using a specific hashtag that may or may not appear when conducting a social media search.

SEO plays a massive role in how posts go viral due to the right keywords and phrases rather than through a hashtag. Social media strategies that rely more on SEO lend themselves to a higher engagement rate.

4. Other Social Media Strategies To Consider

Knowing the best platforms to prioritize for your social media is going to be the first step after establishing your business objectives with marketing initiatives. But what else can your brand do within its social media to properly leverage content?

5. Artificial Intelligence (AI)


Technology has lent itself to numerous breakthroughs in this digital age. Artificial Intelligence (AI) is another type of strategy you should also consider to help you stay on track and creative. There are many AI tools that you can use for social media to help develop campaign concepts and post copy. 

6. Video Captions

Video still dominates in social media, but creating copy for captions is equally important and will continue to increase in popularity in 2024. Many users tend to watch videos without sound; if on a mobile device somewhere public, most tend to keep their sound silenced, so the caption will help drive your value and bring in consumers.

7. Reviews And Testimonials

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Don’t underestimate the power of the customer review in 2024; any of your customers who lie within your demographic can be a great ally to help drive awareness and sales with a stand-out review about your product or service. Through social media, you can easily display those testimonials or reviews as part of your marketing strategy.

8. Analytics

You still need to measure your campaign’s success with each marketing tactic you choose in the future. It’s necessary to see how your strategies align and help reach business goals. There are many analytics tools, some directly on social platforms, to help you see and adjust your techniques to create more customized, innovative social media strategies that draw in clients. 

Goals, Strategy, and Innovation: A Winning Combo

Keeping up with social media trends to incorporate with strategy is simple when you embrace technology and locate the right tools and resources to analyze virality. Ensure that you plan out your social media strategy ahead of time, evaluate the likelihood of success, and analyze the results to help improve your strategy in the future.

You can use plenty of innovative strategies within your social media marketing. Still, it’s also necessary to determine how they measure up to help your brand gain more traction, visibility, and growth. The more you can display your company’s value through social media through trends and creativity, the more likely your strategy will prove successful.

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