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Search engines are without a doubt, the new big bang. This is why we need to increase the online visibility of your website.

With an estimation of over 1.86 billion websites in existence, it is harder than ever to build a website from scratch and gain popularity or traction.

Anything you search for has pages upon pages of results, or websites you can choose from to tell you exactly what you wanted to hear. It has become much more than just content, building a website includes formatting, SEO among several other things.

What remains constant is the curiosity that humans have towards exploring any subject, and creativity on the other end that generates innovative content.

With that comes the boom in technology and tools to facilitate the process and grow it in scale. A digital marketing specialist’s resume can explicate the basic functions that are trendy in the current market.

So you are safe if you have what it takes, or here’s a quick guide for you to catch up!

Use Relevant And Engaging Content

We know that it is easy to lose sight of what matters beneath the keywords and other optimization features. The basic idea, however, is to gain new readers through genuine interest and engagement.

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SEO techniques are important, but so is writing readable content. After web crawling, the website will eventually land upon a reader, and if you have spammy-looking articles, that will be it. The key factor being that content gains precedence over all other optimization features.

There might be other websites that tell the same story, but what makes your website different is your personal touch. So, innovate your content and analyze what you can do to make your content reflect your unique style.

You can refer to the SEO Starter Guide to navigate the type of content that is popular and readable. Additionally, be consistent with your articles instead of being a one-hit-wonder.

Search engines appreciate consistency and 100% effort, so if you want to get on the good side of the crawlers, make sure that your content planner has a consistent schedule for publishing articles.

Make It Mobile-Friendly

The convenience of mobiles entails a necessity in optimizing your website to make it as engaging and visually pleasing as your regular website. In a fast-paced environment like the internet, there is zero-tolerance for poorly designed or slow-loading websites.

Make sure to include all of the important features that you would on your website, but do so in a way that does not seem cluttered in the small space of a mobile phone. To combat that, you could simplify your designs or optimize your format so that your article looks minimal and is easy on the eyes.

Social Media Marketing

Aside from word of mouth, social media can do your website a huge favor to drive traffic. You could utilize your personal social media handle or generate a new handle for your website to market your content.

Here Are Some Tips To Get Your Social Media Game Right:

  • Strategize what pages you want to share on different social media platforms.
  • Conduct research on your key demographic to generate posts that appeal to them.
  • Try to engage your audience by following trends or other activities.
  • Tweak your content in the form of short-form snippets that capture the essence of the entire article as your social media posts.

For more creative ideas or articles, you could turn to visual-based platforms such as Instagram or Pinterest. If you have fact-based or lengthy articles, you could post snippets on Twitter or LinkedIn.

Network And Expand

Global business network.

For such a huge space, networking is a requisite to grow your website and enhance its ranking. From the 200M existing websites that are actively running, you can find your niche and interact with those blogs.

Google has to know if your website is legitimate, and the easiest way to do that is by gathering the public consensus. You can either comment on their blog posts or send guest posts that reflect the nature of their website. The idea behind this is to get backlinks, which can contribute to enhancing your domain rating.

If you are recognized as a genuine website publishing quality content, you will be able to drive traffic to your website and consequently boost your sales.

Track Your Progress

After you have adopted SEO strategies and weaved them into your content, you need to check if they are working.

Keep records of the performance of keywords that you choose for your articles and change them up accordingly. You can use any of the tracking tools like Ahrefs to maintain a steady rise in your website popularity.

Additionally, you can use tools like Google Search Central to conduct SEO audits and identify errors like 404 errors, canonical errors, sitemap errors, and many more. To improve your search ranking, you need to make sure that your website is error-free and good to go at any given time.

Key Takeaways

Creating a website from scratch can be a daunting task for many reasons. With hundreds and thousands of websites originating every day, you would need to put in extra effort for your website to reflect positive growth.

Here Is What You can take away from this article:

  • Do not compromise on the quality of your content for SEO techniques because it will affect the readability and hinder the traction of your website.
  • Optimize your website to make it mobile-friendly by using interactive visuals and simple features.
  • Market your website on various social media platforms and revamp the content to suit the trends of each platform.
  • Network with websites similar to yours and interact with their blogs by commenting on their articles or sending and receiving guest posts.
  • Make sure that the SEO strategies have an impact by regularly tracking their performance.

Be consistent with your efforts, and you might come out of this trial-and-error game with a clear victory! Just remember this is all to increase the online visibility of your website.

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