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February Download: St. Louis Blues Wallpaper

Let’s go Blues! As we skate into February, we couldn’t help but create a cool St. Louis Blues wallpaper design for our favorite hometown hockey team, the St. Louis Blues. Luckily this St. Louis team has stayed loyal to us and hasn’t left our city. Not that we think the Blues would ever do something like that. We love the Blues and they love us, just like any relationship with a major sporting team should be. With players like the ones we have that are ready to play and want the trophy as much as their fans, it won’t be long, before we see the Stanley Cup right here in St. Louis, MO.

Since the Blues have stayed loyal to us, we will stay loyal to them. Here’s your chance to show that you really do bleed blue and support our team as we enter the next part of the season–which hopefully includes a ticket to the second round of the playoffs. The blues will continue to do what it is they do, with players like Tarasenko leading the team we as Blues fans truly don’t have much to lose, but we have a ton to look forward to. No this might not be the magic season, but we can all feel that it’s coming soon and with that said “LET’S GO BLUES”.

St. Louis Blues Wallpaper for Your Desktop


Let’s Go Blues!

No matter what screen size fills your world, you can choose a wallpaper to download and then promptly shove it into the face of any Blackhawks fans who get out of line.

blues-750x1334 blues-1920x1080 blues-640x960


Download for your devices:
We’ll make sure your St. Louis Blues wallpaper download looks good on every size screen.

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iPhone 6 (750×1334)
iPhone 4 (640×960)
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Let’s Go Blues!


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