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Energizer® Polos – Smart ChargHers Polos

As part of our ongoing relationship with Blick & Staff Communications we had the opportunity to design and produce the Energizer® Polos worn by the lucky recipients of the Energizer® Smart ChargHers Sponsorship at the New York City BlogHer 2010 Conference.

As for our part of the process, Jeff at Blick & Staff called us with with a quick turn around project to design, source polos and get them embroidered in only a couple days time. We got to work and developed the art including the Smart ChargHer’s logo. This was one project that we had no time to waste, because we had relationship with both of the clients and wanted to make sure they both received the best of our abilities. Even if we were hit with a time crunch we wanted them to see that Matchbox Design Group knew how to take care of our clients.

Energizer® Polos

Energizer® Polos

Approved Artwork

Polos From Energizer

You can see the accepted artwork is a traditional polo shirt with the Energizer logo on them. This was an easy choice for Energizer to make and we were happy with their choice either way they went. On this one we would say they played it a little safe, but it is what the client wanted and we were happy to oblige.

Rejected Artwork


The rejected artwork was a little more modern and used negative and positive colors in the design. Which would go well with the Energizer brand, but that’s not something they were going for on this particular design. If you like the different designs you see on the shirts above knowing they were done in such a short period of time, then you should see what type of designs we can do if given the propper amount of time for a project. Click below to start your project and we can start your project as soon as possible.

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