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To increase compliance from school parent organizations, American Student Supply decided to turn to email marketing. American Student Supply Email Marketing, A custom newsletter design was created, and then integrated into Mail Chimp. The newsletter informed parents about what a MyPack¬ģ is and the benefits from shopping at American Student Supply.

The design process started at the bottom and was built step by step by our design department at Matchbox Design Agency. We were given the basic color scheme and built off of that and the logo design. From there we were able to make an email marketing template that worked well for the American Student Supply branding. The e-commerce site sells school supplies and gives back to the community based on your child’s school supply list. One of the topics of the emails was to encourage parents to participate in giving back to the elementary schools that their child attends by using the school supply program.

Example Of Our American Student Supply Email Marketing Template

American Student Supply Email Marketing

This was an email template done for American student Supply by Matchbox Design Group. If you have your own email marketing needs contact us and we can help you with a American Student Supply Email-Marketing campaign, only we will insert your name in there instead of American Student Supply. Your email marketing campaign can start with a really cool design and from that design you can use that template month after month to maintain your branding and to get a great point across. This keeps people up to date with your company and is a way to keep your brand in front of your customer or your core audience without being too invasive, since they are the ones that actually subscribe to your service.

Again reach out to us at Matchbox Design Group and we will take care of your email marketing needs.

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