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Reason to Switch Website

UPDATE: St. Louis Community Credit Union’s Reason to Switch Website is updated and launched.

Now clients can enter their reasons for switching to St. Louis Community Credit Union and see their post immediately. Also, they can see all the other reasons that other clients have switched to STLCCU. There are some great reasons why YOU should switch to STLCCU, so take a peek at the site!

Until next time…Maida

Greetings Blog Readers! This is Theresa reporting from Matchbox headquarters. Today marks my very first blog post, and my 50th day at Matchbox! I can hardly believe that – time has absolutely flown! I am the new graphic designer; relocated from Chicago to lend my artistic eye and design expertise to the Matchbox Team. In my first 50 days I worked with many different clients, on a wide spectrum of projects, for all different platforms – working here on Watson Road is an adventure every day.

The first project that I worked on from head to toe, start to finish, was this one-page site for St. Louis Community Credit Union. They came to us with an idea and we ran with it! We utilized their existing logo, color scheme, and circular pattern but created a fresh new page. We utilized existing customer positive feedback to encourage new clients to switch to St. Louis Community Credit Union. I think it looks great! And our clients are happy. Rumor has it, we had 40 reasons in one day when the site first launched… SUCCESS!!


 Let us know what you think about our work.

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