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Meds and Food for Kids or MFK is a leading non-profit organization dedicated to saving the lives of Haiti’s malnourished children and other nutritionally vulnerable people.

Did you know?
1 out of 5 children in Haiti are malnourished.
1 in 14 will die before reaching the age of five.

These are some of the grim facts facing the impoverished in Haiti. These are the facts that Dr. Patricia Wolfe has been facing since her first visit to Haiti in 1988. When Dr. Wolfe saw the suffering of many of the children in this island country, she also saw a solution in the ready-to-use therapeutic food, Medika Mamba, which inspired Dr. Wolfe to establish Meds & Food for Kids in 2003.

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Unlike other organizations, MFK has worked not only to treat malnourished children, but also to help create a healthier, sustainable society for the people of Haiti. MFK has established a factory in Haiti that produces the Medika Mamba from peanuts grown by local farmers. These local farmers are trained by MFK to help yield better crops. The factory where Medika Mamba is made employs local Haitians. The program has been so successful that they’ve saved 145,000 children, trained 1,700 farmers and employed 56 Haitians. To top it all off, Medika Mamba is the first product export in Haiti’s history. The first export of Medika Mamba will be distributed to malnourished people in other parts of the world.

“MFK holds one of the lowest overhead operating budgets for a non-profit, which is why we were so drawn to working for them. Their good deeds are seen not only in how they operate their organization, but by the results they have delivered to Haiti.”

Our Task – Meds and Food for Kids Website Redesign

We have been honored to work with Dr. Wolfe and project coordinator Stephanie over the past few months. When presented the opportunity to work with MFK, we jumped at the chance. The stories and photographs they brought back with them from Haiti inspired us to create a site that would help inform others of the needs of those in Haiti and get support for the wonderful program that MFK has developed to meet those needs.

The Design Details

For the design of the site, we originally worked with earthy tones, textures, and colors reminiscent of Haiti. But these were quickly changed to brighter, friendlier colors–such as the green and blue used in MFK’s logo because they invoked a more hopeful feel that gave the new site life.

Paired with photos of life in Haiti, the website speaks volumes to the cause and gives Haiti and MFK a new voice. Along with news, events, and information about Meds & Food for Kids, the new site features:

  • A photo timeline of events
  • Success stories with before & after photos
  • MFK’s four-part plan for creating a sustainable solution for Haiti
  • Videos of the Haitian experience and MFK program
  • Important documents for team members
  • Custom donation form with different and custom donation values

“We built a timeline, and as you scroll, the background changes with the dates and important events. It was fairly complicated to build, but it was a fun, rewarding challenge for a great cause.”

The Deliverables

Meds & Food For Kids Website Redesign

To see our work in action, visit the Meds and Food for Kids site.

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