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Make Your Own Link Shortener Site

Short links today are a huge part of social communication and metrics.  Making short links is usually a simple task and is sometimes even automated to save character space.  For a while now services like have been making it easy to create, track and share links through their service.  Even Google has to do this as well.

Easily Make Your Own Link Shortener Site

About a year ago, we found a good 3 character domain name – which would lend itself perfectly to being a short url creator but the task of creating this meant a descent amount of development time.  However – the friendly folks at have created a lightweight set of PHP scripts to help you easily setup one of these services on your own.

The process is simple – create a database, make some modifications to the config.php, upload the files, activate the admin area and you are ready to go.  You can make your service public or private (ours is private) and get detailed analytics on all of the links you create.  As a note, because of the rewrites necessary for the link shortening in the .htacess file I decided to make the redirect at the root of in plain HTML.

If you have an extra domain that is short in character length this is a quick easy way to create your own custom links!