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Kids In The Middle Project

Relationships count. That’s what led us to design a new site for Kids In The Middle (KITM), an enthusiastic group that works with children and families, helping them thrive and heal before, during, and after divorce. While designing a new app for Stange Law Firm, they referred us to Kids In The Middle, who was in need of a new website.

The Kids in the Middle Project

I was excited to start the project and drew inspiration for the new site mostly from a brochure that Kids In The Middle had recently sent out. The brochure featured big, bold blocks of color, along with drawings and stories from many of the children who have been helped through Kids In The Middle’s various therapy programs. We carried these elements over into the design to make a website that was clean and easy to understand, while still being positive and welcoming.

We also worked diligently with Kids In The Middle directors to keep the site clean and simple and provide all the beneficial information to families seeking therapy. KITM had recently updated their logo, a child with arms outstretched with title displayed in the clean lines of san serif typeface, Aller. The new logo was simpler and cleaner than the old, a look that I also wanted to convey in the new website. The old KITM site also had a lot of content, so one of the greatest challenges was sifting through the content and determining what info would be the most valuable to KITM’s clients, to keep the site informative, without being overwhelming.

The design process went smoothly and before we knew it the KITM site was off to development! And now…the Kids In The Middle site is live! You can check it out at

Kids in the middle

Kids in the middle staff