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As part of our ongoing partnership on the Energizer® Facebook campaign Matchbox Design Group again teamed with our good friends at Blick & Staff Communications to develop new featured tabs.  The Energizer® Power Source campaign goal is to engage users within Facebook, promote brand awareness, and educate consumers about various related products.  Keep reading below the break  to find out more.

Just published are photography, outdoors, music and a gaming tab.  Each is built within Facebook incorporating dynamic, XML driven Flash.  While maintaining consistent styles each tab has a different set of features.  Each has a main feature at the top, for instance the music tab dynamically pulls Billboard chart results using the Billboard API.  The outdoor tab features mountain biking trails, hiking trails, camping areas, and fishing hot spots from Trails.com as well as a linking to clips from The Drury Brothers from the  Outdoor Channel.  Partnering the IGN the gaming tab features game trailers from many of the hottest games that play right within the tab.

Below the main feature is a product feature with information about various Energizer® and partner products related to each tab, this section incorporates animation and links externally.  These products and messages can be updated simply using dynamic XML allowing simple expansion or changes.

Below products is a featured article pulled from an outside resource followed by more news articles, blog posts etc on the subject of the tab using yahoo pipes API.  Discussions and finally a poll supported by the poll daddy system allows users to provide feedback or to join discussions.

Together we hope to see each of these tabs become successful, they will be updated continuously to keep content fresh and to attract more users.  The next step for us is to get the word out and show off what we’ve done.  In order to track the effectiveness of the campaign we are incorporating the knowledge we gained from the Kids Take Charge tab to incorporate analytics.   Check out the images of each tab below and also don’t forget to check out the page.

ENR Power Source Facebook Campaign

ENR Power Source Facebook Campaign


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