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Elevated Meats Crafted With Care.

Family-owned and operated for over 117 years, Volpi Foods has handcrafted fine cured meats using only traditional methods to give their customers the fullest flavor and finest quality. Their secrets are simple: all-natural ingredients that are always fresh, never frozen — locally sourced from farmers they trust. They slow cure in small batches using family recipes that have been passed down for generations. Beautifully slow-aged prosciutto and cold fermented salami deliver incredibly rich flavor every time. They’ve shown us that delicious food doesn’t need to be complicated.

Volpi first came to us in need of an SEO partner to help optimize their site and increase their rankings for industry-specific keywords. We made as many improvements as we could within their existing site template but found it to be very problematic when trying to implement design and technical changes due to functional limitations. After about a year of SEO service, they finally decided that it was time for a new site. This provided the perfect opportunity to create a more intuitive experience on both the front end and back end. The end result was an elegantly designed portfolio site that was superior in both functionality and design.


Food and Beverage

Colors, Site Design and Build

The team at Beardwood&Co. set the tone for the branding and some initial site concepts. We helped flesh out the rest of the design vision and styled internal pages to help bring the site to life. Then our team built the new site from the ground up using WordPress and Gutenberg blocks.

Brand Colors

Hex: #230871
Hex: #f0e2cd
Hex: #007481
Hex: #006937

SEO + Content Services

As mentioned above, our relationship with Volpi Foods started in the form of an SEO agreement. Their overarching goal was to increase sales and improve their rankings for industry-specific keywords such as “specialty cured meats” and “charcuterie boards”. We started with creating a solid foundation which included things like implementing technical fixes in order to improve site health and making sure all existing content was well-optimized. From there we were able to build upon this foundation by making design changes to improve user experience and creating new content pieces.

Site Health

The very first thing we focused on was improving the overall site health of Volpi’s site by fixing 404 errors, broken links and faulty redirects. We also made sure to disavow toxic backlinks and make sure that there were no duplicate content issues.

Organic Traffic + New Users

After setting a solid foundation via technical fixes, content optimization and interlinking, we saw a dramatic increase in organic traffic and new users. When comparing the 8 months up to the website launch to the 8 months before, we saw an overall increase in website traffic by 48.14%  (specifically a 17.04% in organic traffic) and a 48.87% increase in new users.

Keyword Rankings

We also saw a substantial increase in rankings for the keywords we were tracking. We were tracking a total of 2,761 and of those keywords, 93 were in the first position and 125 were in spots 4-10.

Website Rebuild

Due to the limitations of their current website template, Volpi wanted to redesign and build their site in a way that would organize information better and improve user experience. They were also in a growth phase and were looking to expand into new markets, so they needed a site that would cater to new audiences and support an increased level of traffic. We partnered with Beardwood&Co, another design agency based in New York, to recreate their brand and site design. Once the design was finalized, we then took over and handled the development and launch of their new site.

Improved Volpi Foods product page

Improved Product Pages

One of our main goals with Volpi’s new site was to improve the way products were displayed. We wanted to better incorporate important product information such as specialized icons, nutrition facts and pairing suggestions. We also wanted to include clear call to action buttons for both the “Store Locator” and “Buy Online” option.

Improved Volpi Foods recipe page

Improved Recipe Pages

Volpi had an extensive library of high quality recipes that needed to be better utilized. We improved these pages by pulling content out of an accordion so that it could be indexed by Google, improved the back-end experience by making it easier to update those pages and created a more substantial interlinking structure.

Improved Volpi Foods home page

Schema Implementation

By implementing schema markup directly into the code during the development phase of their new site, we were able to better label different elements of their website. This made it a lot easier for search engine bots to crawl and index their pages which in turn helped to improve their rankings.

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