Website Development

Stereotaxis is a St. Louis-based company that provides innovative solutions for the treatment of arrhythmias.

Matchbox Design Group began working with Stereotaxis in 2007 in association with the Odyssey® Information Management Solution. The goal of Odyssey was to replace disparate clinical systems by providing an all in one solution for EP labs.

Website Development For Stereotaxis

We helped the Stereotaxis team introduce Odyssey by building a website that focused on the system’s capabilities. The site also featured a 3D environment that was integrated with the companies CRM and the user could explore how the different components worked within your lab setup and utilize a sales rep locator.

In addition to the marketing website for Odyssey, we worked with their team to produce a system for their team to broadcast a live surgery to an audience of peers or students. This broadcast included a video screen and a chat window where the audience could ask questions of the surgeons live. From an admin panel, the moderator could ask the questions of the surgeon verbally or respond to the audience via two-way chat.